Guardians of the Past

15th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The heroes realize that the bloody fight in Undermountain with the evil wereboars has the potential of giving the party lycanthropy. Samira casts Cure Disease on herself and Tellazar, She informs Rehs and Corthen that she will pray in the morning for their cures and for Erith the day after.

The group discusses the need for help. They agree that the party needs to seek out experienced adventurers. So they travel to several of taverns before speaking to Filiare at the Dripping Dagger Inn. The retired fighter introduces the group to an elven warrior named Ayremyr. The group joins the elf for a drink. Corthen learns that Ayremyr hails from Evereska and that he has traveled to Waterdeep to seek out and find his missing brother. He tells the group that his brother is rumored to have died while adventuring in Undermountain and he would like seek out his sibling’s remains and give him a proper burial.

The group takes a liking to the young elven warrior. He is curious of the group’s experiences and asks if they will tell him of the Underhalls and their other adventures. Corthen suggests that Ayremyr join him in some sparring so that everyone can gage his combat skills. The lone elf accepts his offer and the group retires to Corthen’s fine manor house in the North Ward.

The heroes sit as the two elves spar with swords. The two battle with swords for an hour before stopping. Corthen and his companions are impressed with the Evereskan’s sword work. The group agrees to add the young elf to their roster. Erith dryly remarks that he hopes that Ayremyr sticks because he is tired of changing his songs every time there is a roster change in the group. Tellazar jokes that the group could just start calling him Vilnullas to save time and effort of learning his name.



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