Guardians of the Past

13th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes return to the Spires of the Morning, the Temple of Lathander several hours before dawn. The group presents remains of their friend, Whitlowe, who was killed the previous year during their early explorations into Undermountain.

Erith and the other members present the lesser priests of the temple with a number of large gemstones as a donation to gain the favor of Lathander. The group meets with High Radiance Ghentilara, the female Morninglord, the high priestess of Lathander’s temple in the City of Splendors. She performs the resurrection ceremony when the rays of the dawn sun rise above the horizon. In a blink of an eye, the gnomish warrior, Whitlowe, draws breath and is made whole again.

After gathering his wits, the Morninglord informs the gnome that he has returned to the physical world by the renewing touch of Lathander. The gnome sits up and is tearfully greeted by his friends who are happy to see him alive once more. There are hugs and much joy between close friends. After leaving the temple, the party returns to Silvaris’ residence. There Silvaris and Saedellas inform the gnome of their plans to return to their homes in Silverymoon. Whitlowe agrees to join them on the journey.

The gnome meets Nolia, Vilnullas, Uldred, and Rehs. Corthen tells the gnome of everything that has occurred since his fall in Halaster’s Halls. Afterwards, Silvaris pulls Corthen aside and asks him if he would like to purchase the manor house from him or not. The elf ponders the idea for awhile before accepting the rogue’s offer. They agree on the price and agree to transact the sale with Mirt and record the sale with the city.

Saedellas speaks to Tellazar and tells the wizard that he can make contact with Gorund Hardwand before Tellazar makes a trip to Silverymoon to return the staff. The priest of Corellon tells the mage that he will send word to him before he makes a journey all the way to Silverymoon trying to locate the other former pupil of Ildus. Tellazar thanks Saedellas for his help in the matter.

In a generous mood, Erith gives Whitlowe, Rehs, Vilnullas, and Nolia several large jacinth gemstones from his personal treasure. The bard tells each of them it is to aid them in paying for anything they desire. He says it is only fair to assist the members who are not wealthy as some in the group. The four adventurers thank him for his generosity.



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