Guardians of the Past

19th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party takes Ravrgin to Lamris Kholl, the Tymoran priestess who asked the Guardians of the Past to search for him. Ravgrin is reunited with his sister, Tanerra. Samira inquires if the temple of Tymora can resurrect their older brother Wergrin since they have no other family to care for them. Lamris tells the party that Wergrin cannot be brought back from the dead because he was slain by a ghost and died through unnatural aging. She says there is no way to raise him. Lamris informs the party that the children will be given shelter at the temple and cared for there. They will be allowed to join the lay clergy when they become older if they want to. She thanks the party and tells them they have done a good deed.

When the party returns to Corthen’s home, Nolia sits the group down and informs them that she has been offered another position within the Ellar Protectorate. She informs her friends that she has been asked to serve as the Ambassador to Neverwinter. She tells everyone that she has accepted the position and will be leaving the city soon.

The group is sad to lose her, but they understand her devotion to her people of the High Forest. Nolia gives up several of her adventuring items that she gained while with the party. She trades swords with Corthen as well. She says that she will not be traveling into harm’s way anymore and she wants to help her friends as best she can. The group throws an impromtu feast for Nolia with plenty of food and drink to go around.



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