Guardians of the Past

In the morning the party eats a mix of rations and food from the island. Samira asks Kaylin if the party can borrow his outrigger to search the cliffs across the lagoon. Kaylin tells them they may but shares that the craft will only hold five people. Corthen shares that the party does have magic items that can aid some of the party. Kaylin sees him holding the Leviathan Dagger and asks how the elf came to possess it. Corthen informs the old islander that the dagger was taken from an evil priest who was pretending to haunt Nybod’s room in Lielon. Kaylin tells the party that Captain Nybod owned the Leviathan Dagger and he was carrying it the day he went overboard two years ago.

The heroes prepare for a trip across the lagoon. Kaylin warns the group that the Singing Cliffs sometimes is occupied by harpies who lair in caves high up in the cliffs. The party thanks him for his warning. Corthen uses the powers of the dagger and swims in the water. The others paddle the craft across the atoll’s shallows. As the party nears the cliffs a flight of harpies take to the air and begins singing trying to charm the party. Erith pulls out his harp and begins singing a counter song to negate the harpies powers. The bard is successful and the bird women screech in anger at his song.

The party is set upon by the nine harpies who fly down and try to kill and maim the heroes. The group uses missile weapons and spells and a few swords to dispatch the ugly creatures. The last one attempts to escape but arrows from Ayremyr and Erith put her down and she splashes into the waters below.

The party pulls the canoe along the rocks of the cliff. They spot three caves in the high cliffs above and two fissures close to the water’s edge. Corthen dives down and discovers that a cave lies below the water nearly hidden by seaweed. He swims back and informs the group of his discovery. Everyone jumps into the water and swims down to the watery cave. As they enter the cavern seaweed grabs and tangles the party but everyone manages to get through it. The party emerges in a large vaulted cavern with a ceiling eight feet above the waterline. Before the party has a chance to swim around and check out the cave they are ambushed underwater by a gang of green scaled creatures with long thick necks led by a hideously ugly sea witch.

Ayremyr, Rehs, and the others fight the aquatic creatures in the cavern’s waters. The ugly witch attacks Corthen and tries to pry the Leviathan Dagger from his grip. She stares at him and he manages to stab her several times with his flaming sword. The group is battered but they triumph over the creatures that Samira calls sea trolls.

Deciding to find their lair Erith casts Invisibility on Rehs so he can scout out the sea troll lair. The rogue swims down using the Leviathan Dagger and explores a short underwater tunnel. The invisible thief surfaces in a short roofed cavern with many crabs crawling on the exposed rock walls of the chamber. Rehs searches the chamber and finds a hidden cache of pearls under a rock underwater.

While Rehs is gone Erith and Corthen search the large cave. They discover a sandy beach above the water between two boulders. On the sand sits an iron-bound chest. The lid is open and Corthen is attracted to the glittering coins and gems. Erith spots a badly decayed human head with a wispy beard and flowing gray hair. Using the Spear of Lochal the group speaks with the remains and learn that he is Captain Nybod. They learn that he was killed by Brinnea the Sea Hag who was after his dagger. Corthen asks where the magical wardrobe transports a person to. The dead pirate tells him that it is linked to the Sea Nymph. He asks what power does the enchanted bathtub have. Nybod’s spirit says that it was his normal link to the sea cave but it had become unreliable before he died. Corthen asks how can the party return to Lielon. Nybod tells him through the sea chest.

The party gathers Nybod’s treasure and his bones. Among his remains Rehs finds a gold key. Returning to the lagoon, Corthen flies up to the harpy caves. He inspects each lair and removes the valuables before flying down. The party returns to Moon Island and inform Kaylin of their finding Nybod’s bones. The inform his that they have spoken to the Captain’s spirit and he informed them that Brinnea the Sea Hag took his life. Corthen shares that they need to question Nybod again before they inter his remains.



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