Guardians of the Past

11th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The party arrives at the Beer Golem Tavern in the Adventurer’s Quarter of the city. They meet a human woman dressed in gray leathers with her black hair pulled back and tied into a long braid. She carries a broadsword, a bow, and several daggers line a baldric across her bosom. She introduces herself as Hadanna. She asks if they have all of their equipment. The party members soon realize that they were supposed to bring a musical instrument with them, so all but Erith and Tellazar rush out to buy something to play. Once the group reassembles in the Beer Golem Tavern, Hadanna tosses a gold coin to the passing serving girl and asks for a round of beer for the table. Once the jacks of beer arrive, Hadanna picks hers up and says, “Here is to journey, may the gods watch over us and keep our bottoms dry, our throats wet, and our bellies full. Cheers!” She then lifts her jack and drains it in a swift motion. Hadanna then looks at the party members and says, “Drink up! We shan’t sit here all night playing nursemaids to your cups!”
The party walks out of Waterdeep on the road south.



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