Guardians of the Past

20th of Elesias 1365 Year of the Sword

In the late morning, the party sits in the common room at two tables talking amongst themselves. Besides the smattering of human caravan merchants and a few old elven warriors there are several new faces the party has not seen. Corthen starts a conversation with a female moon elf named Ilona, who is dressed in a green and yellow silk gown. Corthen tells Ilona about himself and they talk about her interests in painting, singing, and fine elven wine. Corthen learns that she is of the Duirsar House.

Erith meets another group of elven women sitting together. Rehs and Vilnullas join the conversation with Sharlesta, Tanith, and Jarella. The heroes find the elven women beautiful, cultured, and friendly. Uldred meets a halfling woman named Emee that he shares drinks with.

Erith eventually leaves with Sharlesta and they go upstairs. Corthen finally gets the courage to ask Ilona if she would like to see his room. Rehs is accompanied by Jarella the half-elven woman and Vilnullas and Tanith leave together, followed by Uldred and Emee.

Tellazar rebuffs all offers of a drink from several attractive females. He goes upstairs alone as does Samira. Each adventurer finds that the lady who accompanies him asks him for a donation of gold to Hanali, Elven Goddess of Love. No one balks at the request and each hero agrees to donate enough gold for the entire night of companionship.



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