Guardians of the Past

3rd of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

The party travels north again up the short flight of stairs and heads east from the 4 kings statue room. The party has two days left to stay in Undermountain at this point to win the bet they made days ago in the Yawning Portal. The group comes to a bare room with broken glass on the floor. Uldred and Cortonas move in to look for traps and then stop moving. Their friends realize something is wrong quickly but prepared for magic or a hidden trap. As they close in, it becomes clear that it is a gelatinous cube that has paralyzed them with its secretions and is engulfing them with its mass. The others battle the creature with weapons and spells managing to kill it and save their friends.

The party moves out from that chamber. Later the group comes upon a stone door that is locked. Cortonas and silvaris both make attempts to pick the lock and fail. Everyone tries to force the door open, but Silvaris manages to put his shoulder into the door and the lock breaks allowing entrance to the chamber beyond.

The room is empty but for a large bronze door on the north wall with a screaming demon face that covers the surface. The door is also covered in frost. As Silvaris moves forward to inspect the portal, the demon face says, “Turn back. The lair of the black sorcerer lies ahead. Nothing but death awaits.” Being full of swagger, the party ignores the warning and prepares to break into the room. Tellazar enhances Nolia’s strength through his spells. When the group approaches the door this time, a swarm of black wasps fly out out of the fiend’s mouth and assault everyone. The stinging wasps inflict pain upon the heroes. Unable to fight back, they run away as fast as they can. The group returns to their base camp and let the priests tend to their injuries.



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