Guardians of the Past

27th of Kythorn 1364 Year of the Wave

The adventuring party including Uldred the dwarf descend the well shaft into the Underhalls.
The group travels further to the west and finds a hallway that slopes down and is flooded at least knee deep in water. The water appears to neutralize magic. The group concerned with hostile magic and hidden traps decides not to venture further and retreats back down the hall.

The group finds another hall with a veil of darkness and they can see eyes moving around in the darkness. Tellazar casts a chromatic orb spell into the darkness but it goes out as soon as it hits the veil. A majority decide it is best to leave this area alone. Heading south the adventurers enter a room with a throne. There are swirling bones floating above the throne but they do not react in any way to the party or their disturbing the floating, swirling bones.

The heroes come to a room with a stone altar that is 4 feet tall and 20 feet by 10 feet with 2 arms on the ends. There is one candle in a socket. The altar appears to be of dwarven construction. After trying several tricks with the altar and candle the party has another idea to cut the candle and place the other half candle in a second socket and light both candles. This opens an hidden secret door behind the altar. In the hidden room is another altar in the shape of a huge anvil 8 by 12 by 3 made of solid gold. The band of heroes also finds 4 stone coffers, each filled with gemstones!

The first coffer has 444 black sapphires that Corthen and Uldred estimate to be worth 5000 gold coins each. The second coffer has 444 clear star sapphires they value at 5000 gold coins each. The third has 1 emerald that is the largest any of them has ever seen or even heard about. Corthen and Uldred believe it is worth 150,000 to 250,000 gold. The emerald is the size of a man’s head! The last coffer has 444 fiery orange jacinths worth 5000 gold coins each also. Tellazar uses the Ring of Undermountain and teleports all of the gems out and then hides the gems at his parents house in Waterdeep. When he returns the happy and shocked adventurers continue their exploration of Halaster’s dungeon.

The party gets jumped by 8 orcs. The group pulls weapons and fights back. Saedellas displays some masterful archery skills in this battle and the heroes triumph against the brutish orcs. The Circle of Valor moves further into the unknown and travel through a large room with stone columns and they can hear drumming that echoes off stone walls from somewhere nearby.

The party steps through an archway and vanishes only to reappear on a ascending stairwell that is submerged underwater. It is a 40 foot long stairwell with corroded bronze doors at the bottom underwater. The group quickly moves up the staircase and out of the water. The group lights torches and examines their surroundings. They find themselves in a 20’ wide landing with a bronze doors on each side with another set of stairs climbing up into darkness. Uldred examines the stonework and tells his new friends that this passage looks to be of human construction while the stonework of Undermountain is that of dwarves. Saedellas and Corthen believe the group has stepped through a gate or teleport trap and may be somewhere else entirely. Silvarus examines the door for traps and finds none. Corthen opens the metal door on the left and finds the room beyond is filled with skeletons. Fearing a fight with so many undead, the party quickly retreats. The band moves up the stairs but Erith and Tellazar are injured very badly by a swinging pendulum blade trap. The group returns to the landing and they tie off the doors to each other and make a hasty camp in the hall of this unknown place.



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