Guardians of the Past

7th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes return to the water chamber where the giant gar once lived. Corthen had wanted to search the chamber closer for other hidden passages. When the party reaches the inky water they find that someone has carved a trident shape into corpse of the fish lying halfway out of the water. The group believes that whomever uses the chamber for ceremonies has returned and is not pleased to find their ‘pet’ slain. Corthen searches for more hidden doors or waiting magic, but nothing else is found. A falling trap wall crashes down behind the group as they leave the hallways around the fish chamber. Silvaris believes the wall fell due to a pressure plate in the floor.

The adventurers go through a shimmering curtain of blackness and realize that they have already been in the hallways west of the magical curtain. The group agrees to leave Undermountain to investigate the whereabouts of the crazy undead jester. Vilnullas and Corthen slowly lead the party back to the entry well chamber and the group arrives there without incident. Upon leaving the Underhalls Corthen pays Durnan the fees for using the well and he buys a round of elven wine at the Yawning Portal for everyone present.

When the heroes get home, there is a package of notes on the door addressed to the Circle of Valor. Inside are personally engraved invitations to each member of the party. Erith reads his invite aloud for the members of the party who cannot read common.

“Lord Eremoes and his daughter Lady Kyrin Hawkwinter have cordially invited you to Hawkwinter Villa to attend the Annual Hawkwinter Costume Eveningfeast Ball on the 10th of Elient. You are required by the rules of social etiquette to wear a costume, come with one escort, and to bring no less than two and no more than six entertainers. The event begins at dusk. Carriages may enter and exit by the main entrance. Please RSVP – Gerella Hustrell, Secretary of Lady Kyrin Hawkwinter”

Erith says, “I plan on going. We should contact this Gerella and let her know if we plan on going. We should proceed to finding ladies or lords to escort to the Hawkwinter Ball, if we are going. Then we should get our costumes. Does anyone disagree?”
Nolia says, “I want to go as a shepherdess.”
Silvaris says, “I would like to go as a wolf I want to hire 6 dancers. I will try to find and elf or human lady to go with me. My date can decide on her own.”
Corthen says, “I would be interested attending and my date and I going as a pirate and pirate lass. I think I will try to hire some sword swallowers and jugglers.”

Saedallas responds, “I plan to attend dressed as a treant. I will try to find an elven lady as my escort if possible, if not, I will try and find a human lady as an escort. I believe I can plan to hire 4 Elven musicians and write a ballad of the heroism displayed by the elves at the fall of Myth Drannor versus unspeakable odds.”
Uldred says, “I am not sure really. I was thinking maybe my date and I could go as gargoyles. I would like to find 6 dwarven musicians that would be interested in going as my entertainment. I would like to try and find where the dwarves hang out and try to find me a classy dwarven date, if such a thing actually exists.”

Erith smiles at that joke and notices that Tellazar has not spoken of attending the costume ball and had quietly left the room. Later the bard pulls Corthen aside and asks him if Tellazar has spoken of attending the party. Corthen pauses and informs Erith that the mage told him he would not attend such an event. The bard frowns and remains silent for several minutes. When the young musician speaks again he tells his friend that events such as these are more than just a dinner and dancing, such events allow up and coming adventuring parties to meet with powerful and influential powerbrokers of the city. Erith says that if the adventuring party were to make friends with such people they may gain powerful allies and patrons that need services of brave men of good character. It would help their cause if all of them are present, especially their most powerful member. Corthen nods his head in agreement and tells Erith he will try to persuade the mage to change his mind.



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