Guardians of the Past

27th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The heroes arrived back in Waterdeep the previous day and made plans to re-enter Undermountain. The group descends the well and heads back to the burial chamber where they had cornered the Jester and defeated him in combat. A search of the chamber does not produce the dead fool who has plagued them for many months. Cortonas notices there is a two-handed sword resting atop the sarcophagus. Silvaris moves close to inspect the area for hidden traps. As he approaches, an enchanted mouth appears on top of the tomb and speaks, “Take the sword. It is yours, the Flame of the North, but death is near.”

Nolia notices there are scratches on the east floor near the coffin. It appears as if the coffin had been moved. Tellazar translates the inscription in Thorass on the base of the coffin. “Here lies King Arthangh, son of Meirra, Lord of Emberden. He should not have fallen.”
Vilnullas grabs the sword. The large twohanded sword ignites with a cold blue flame. The flames go out when the sword is sheathed or when let go. Vilnullas discovers that the flames on the sword are but an illusion. Several of the stronger adventurers open the coffin to find a human skeleton inside but nothing more. Corthen, Erith, Uldred, Vilnullas, and Nolia slide the coffin across the floor and discover an empty storage cavity underneath.

The party comes to a magical curtain of darkness and Saedellas seeks divine prayer from Corellon. He warns the others that to cross the rippling curtain of utter blackness filled him with impending doom. Not wishing to die a horrible death, possibly like poor Whitlowe, the elven priest steers the party away from the dark area.

Traveling south, the party comes to a huge 30’ by 30’ room filled with a one and a half foot layer of fog that clings to the floor. As they enter the fog, the party members can hear crunching underfoot. Upon closer inspection, Corthen learns the floor is covered in small bones and many species of beetles and bugs crawling around in a greyish-white goopy substance.
The groups come to another larger chamber 30’ by 40’. There is a tabletop attached to the east wall with a man painted on its surface obviously used for thrown dagger practice. Otherwise, the room is empty. A thorough search finds several bat bones which leads Sadellas to believe the goop in the other chamber was bat guano. Corthen and Vilnullas pry the table from the wall and find nothing.

The group come to a barred door. The bar is raised and the door opened. Inside is a crypt with almost two dozen stone sarcophagi. The group enters in search of treasure. Vilnullas’ blade speaks to his mind saying, “Strike, strike, strike!” The door suddenly slams shut and they all hear the bar drop back into place locking the entire party in the tomb. A host of ghasts and ghouls leap out and attack intending to eat. A very bloody battle ensues.
Corthen’s breastplate is damaged by the claws of one of the ghasts. Many of the party are nauseous from the stench of the ghasts and have difficulty in weilding their weapons with much success. Half of the party ends up paralyzed from the creatures filthy nails, but the Circle of Valor manage to claw out a victory once again.

Ghouls gone wild

Silvaris and Cortonas check the sarcophagi for traps. One stone coffin has a suit of plate mail with mermaids engraved upon it and some coins. Another cache contains a ceramic flask and a bronze trident. There is also a bone tube which has the deed to a house in Neverwinter and a priest scroll. One other sarcophagus has a box with some parchment in it. Silvaris examines the writings and goes blind. Tellazar teleports to the other side of the door using his ring and removes the bar and opens it.

The wounded adventurers head out of Undermountain. The Tymoran priestess, Lamras Kholl, at the Yawning Portal is able to cure Silvaris of his blindness. The group buy drinks at the Yawning Portal and spends the rest of the day healing up and being ever watchful for sign of the Jester’s return.



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