Guardians of the Past

10th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

Tellazar, Uldred, Samira, and Corthen plan the attack against the undead being the party has taken to calling the whispering ghost. They had faced the creature once before and fear had driven the group from the room leaving Rehs behind to face its wrath.

This time the priests and the wizard are tailoring their spells for the creature. After a simple morning feast, the party breaks camp and makes their way back to the undead’s chamber. The spellcasters begin placing protective spells on party members which takes some time. Finally Corthen is given the signal to open the door and the heroes rush into face the Whispering Ghost.

A short battle erupts in the room. The party swiftly destroys the evil creature. A search of the room nets the party a number of coins and a large number of very small epidote gems. The group gathers all of treasure before leaving the chamber and traveling north.

Tellazar has the Lords map and directs the party to a chamber marked on the map. Stepping inside the Guardians of the Past find that the floor is glassy smooth rock of large alternating black and white tiles. A carved grinning human face serves as the capstone to the arched passage across the chamber. Corthen tells the others that he cannot see a ceiling above him with his elven sight.

The heroes cautiously move across the chamber and soon face a host of magical traps, including magic missiles, lightning bolt, and stirges and gargoyles that appear out of thin air and attack. The party fights the summoned creatures and suffer wounds from the spell traps of the room. Tellazar becomes increasingly frustrated by the room and has to have Samira tend to him to keep him alive from the all of the danger of the room.

Rehs tries to run quickly from one side of the room to the other arch. He is punished by the spells and suddenly disappears by falling through the floor. Uldred rushes out to find the missing thief. He soon joins him. Both heroes have fallen through a section of illusionary floor into a pit. The rogue has landed on a coffin surrounded by bones. He soon learns that the coffin is not what it seems as he is attacked by it. Rehs cannot break free of the mimic. Uldred manages to kill the shapechanger.

Erith suggests that he use the magic of the Ring of Undermountain to teleport everyone past the room into the hall beyond. The party is relieved with the plan and the bard uses the ring to ferry everyone to safety. Samira and Uldred exhaust their healing prayers and the party makes a simple camp in the next chamber.



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