Guardians of the Past

26th of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

Rough waters have Tellazar and Samira seasick again. Corthen speaks to Darrien Mollos and pays the merchant for his seasickness medicinal draught. It helps the two spellcasters and they improve within the hour. The party eats morningfeast with Arenthor. By midmorning the Mermaid Sword is sailing in smoother waters. The ship has left the coastal shipping lanes of the Sword Coast and making good weather traveling west to Alaron.

During the evening the heroes dine again with the captain in her quarters. She inquires a little about the party’s past which Corthen gives a brief history and a few exploits from adventuring in Undermountain. After dinner Captain Veldyrina and her dinner guests gather on the aft deck to watch the sun beginning to set on the horizon. Suddenly a lookout above cries out, “Sail!” Soon the dark, tattered sails of a single ship can be seen drawing nearer to the Mermaid Sword.

The ship’s crew all come up on deck as well as several of the passengers. Arenthor approaches Veldyrina at the helm and he stares hard at the tattered sails of the swiftly moving vessel. He asks, “Pirates?” One of the male crew halfway up the ropes speaks. “It looks like the Ghost Ship!” Arenthor snorts at the comment and looks to his captain at the helm. At her nod, he orders the crew break out weapons from storage and to rig the ship for battle. The passengers are directed to their quarters, but the Guardians of the Past remain near Veldyrina. Ayremyr slips over to one of the sailors and quietly asks what the Ghost Ship means. The woman looks at the elf and tells him the ship is a legendary vessel that sails without a crew. Stories say the crew was taken by sea monsters. She says it is an ill omen to see the cursed vessel. She then moves off to help set up one of the ship’s two ballistae.

As the ship’s crew scurries about a mist begins to rise from the black vessel moving rapidly towards Veldyrina’s ship. Soon the ship is lost in the growing fog bank. Everyone topside stares at the mist, several crew mutter near silent prayers and others listen for any sound from the mysterious ship, including Captain Veldyrina. Suddenly, she curses and moves the ship’s wheel so hard that the ship heels and rocks sharply. Out of the mist the large black galleon appears, the two ships scrape and come to a sudden stop. Veldyrina has saved her ship from being rammed by the larger ship.

No lights or sounds come from the black-sailed ship. Before Veldyrina orders her crew to try and free her ship from the other vessel, Corthen asks her if the party may board the Ghost Ship and check it out. She informs him that they may but they only have one hour before she leaves them to their fate if they do not return. The heroes climb a plank the Mermaid Sword crew provides them while they hold several grappling lines to hold the two ships together.

The Ghost Ship looks deserted. The sails are tattered with loose lines hang down. The deck is obscured by the enveloping fog and the party begins to search above decks before they climb below. As the party moves forward towards the bow a ghostly looking hand comes out of the fog and tries to touch Rehs, but he quickly dodges the semi-transparent extremity. Suddenly the air filled with the twang of crossbows and bolts fly out of the mist. Several members of the party are struck, but only Corthen collapses unmoving onto the deck. In a few more seconds, Rehs is attacked in the fog by several armed attackers. He tries to fight back, but he only manages to lose his broadsword in the melee and his blade strikes Ayremyr as he is moving forward. The elf warrior screams in pain as the sword breaks his tibia and he falls down clutching his right leg in agony.

Without either warrior in the fight, things look poor for the group. The four remaining members; Erith, Tellazar, Samira, and Rehs see a scurvy looking band of thugs advancing on them from the mist. They can also hear chanting coming from somewhere in front of the them. Tellazar casts a Fireball spell, Erith uses his wand to unleash an Icestorm, and Samira calls down lightning from the sky. Several of the pirates attack the heroes with blades and hit Erith, Rehs, and Samira. Chanting can still be heard in the mist, so Erith produces another pelting of ice and the hostile spellcaster is silenced. One the battle is over, Samira checks on Corthen and Ayremyr. Corthen is sleep poisoned by a crossbow bolt that struck him. The party helps carry Ayremyr back to the Mermaid Sword. She tells him that she will heal the break as soon as she can seek aid from Mystra.

The Captain informs the party that several pirates manages to sneak aboard the ship and several of her crew were killed or wounded. An awake Corthen asks permission to return to the ship to secure any valuables. Veldyrina agrees, but she informs him that she will look over the spoils and make sure it is safe to carry and that she and her crew receive a portion of the Ghost Ship’s valuables.

Below decks the party finds the pirates’ strongboxes. An immense hoard of gems, coins, art objects, and documents are found. The heroes bring Veldyrina on board to view the treasure. She agrees to allow the boxes to be placed on the Mermaid Sword for 5% of the hoard. Corthen reluctantly agrees to the deal since he cannot place the treasure on her ship without her permission. The captain notes that the black galleon is not very seaworthy. She states it is a danger to other ships at sea. Corthen and Rehs suggest burning the Ghost Ship to sink it. They set about liberally dowsing the vessel’s interior with fire oil. They toss a torch and flee the black ship. The Mermaid Sword sets sail away from the burning ship and her dead crew and they soon are gone beneath the dark waters.



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