Guardians of the Past

29th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes rested from a night of sleep in their comfortable beds and healing prayers from the night before return to the Yawning Portal for another descent into Undermountain. Upon leaving the entry well chamber the party travels briefly to the south, then east into passages yet to be explored.

They find a large room that has three alcoves off of the main chamber. A pile of stones in western alcove appears to be a cairn for some fallen adventurer. A headstone scratched with a crude symbol of a dragon has defaced by someone. Corthen, Rehs, and Uldred begin moving the cairn stones until Rehs realizes that he has green slime on his hand and lower arm. Acting quickly, Corthen uses his flametongue sword and torches the slime and the thief’s hand. Uldred says a healing prayer and Reh’s hand is restored.

Searching other hallways, the party is ambushed by a mixed party of goblins and hobgoblins from two directions. The heroes vanquish the goblinoids, looting a few coins from their corpses after the battle. Corthen opens a door to another room. The group can smell the salty tang of sea air in this dungeon room, but curiously, no exits or ventholes can be found after an exhaustive search. Samira finds a scrap of parchment that reads, “Hold the door, open the chest, and then search the walls.”

Corthen decides to check passages closer to the Drow Temple. The group encounters a black curtain of rippling darkness. Corthen carefully checks the dark area of magic to make sure it is safe to pass. The party then proceeds through and soon is descending a short flight of stairs down. Searching several rooms, the party finds evidence that at least one chamber has been used as a charnel house, a depository for dead bodies.

Another nearby room is empty except for a single human skull. A side chamber is occupied. Ghasts lurch out in an attempt to dine on Tellazar and the other members of the party. Swords and claws clash before the Guardians of the Past stand victorious but sorely wounded. The group attends to the worst of the wounds before making a trek to the “Fountain of Wisdom.” Here the party makes a camp for the night.



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