Guardians of the Past

20th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

After seeing Nolia off to her new life in Neverwinter the remaining party members decide to use the iron maiden that the group plundered from the the slaver’s house. The gate is set up in Corthen’s basement and the party one by one climbs inside the torture device which teleports the group to a room somewhere on the second level of Undermountain. Tellazar is excited to delve deeper into the dungeon. He has learned that the legendary Skullport can also be reached by descending to the third level of Halaster’s dungeon. He is champing at the bit to face Trell Blackhorn and get his revenge for killing his master and his beloved.

The party open the barred door and proceeds out into a hall. Tellazar views the hall then steps back into the room and bars the door, then uses his ring to teleport out into the hallway. The party discovers a pit with a gelatinous cube stuck in open pit. The party also discovers a colony of caterpillar creatures crawling on the walls. They appear to be attracted to the party’s lights.

The party travels through a room containing dust and stony rubble. A now dry fountain carved like a rampant dragon lines the south wall. Corthen searches and finds a secret compartment. Rehs studies it and discovers that it is trapped. He disables the hidden trigger and the group loots the contents. A room nearby is empty except for rusty pieces of armor and the bones of men and orcs.

The party enters another chamber that is 20′ × 30′. A huge iron cage lies on its side with its door open. A broken chain indicates whatever beast was within is now free. A hobgoblin corpse and that of a headless human body have nothing of value on them. Corthen and Vilnullas lead the adventurers into a large tomb containing fifteen sarcophagi. In their center, one sarcophagus stands taller than the rest. Held up by six squat pillars, its stone bears the carving of a beautiful woman who seems more asleep than dead. The heroes encounter sixteen ghouls who are feasting on two victims. Vilnullas leads the way into battle since his sword is telling him “Strike, strike, strike!” After the battle the party searches the crypts but they seem to have already been plundered by previous adventurers. The only treasure is a silver ring from one of the ghoul corpses.

Exploring further into the second level, the heroes come to what was once a library. Several stacks of moldy books are still present. Four giant black scorpions lair here. During the battle Corthen fumbles more than once. Vilnullas is stung and is poisoned. Samira does what she can but the elven warrior will die without further treatment. The party retreats and makes their way back to the surface through the iron maiden gate. Vilnullas is treated at the temple of Tymora for a donation of gold treasure.

Corthen and Tellazar urge the party to return to the 2nd level of Undermountain. The return through the Gathgaer gate. The party finds a huge chamber where a pile of rubbish is decorated with human skulls and seems to form a rough throne for some missing creature. They loot the coins found in a chest as well as a dagger. In an adjoining chamber the party encounters an amorphous black blob moving towards them. Corthen struggles and fumbles striking himself in the leg with one of his swords. Vilnullas hits the creatures but he ends up with two foes now and there is black goop on the Flame of the North. Samira loses her enchanted magical flail to the creature as it dissolves it before it is killed.

The party wises chooses to leave the dungeon at this time. Corthen takes his suit of armor to the smith for repairs. Uldred declares the elf’s ancient armor to be bad luck since it has been repeatedly damaged. He berates his friend until he is convinced to be allowed to buy him a suit of dwarven forged plate armor from Tolm Brighspark Smithy.



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