Guardians of the Past

6th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

They 6 members of the Circle of Valor spend several days relaxing, eating good meals, and enjoying some wine and ales with their 3 new acquaintances. They swap some stories and Corthen and the others can see the value of a few extra blades, especially since they have so recently found a hidden hoard of dwarven gems in Undermountain.

Corthen offers Nolia, Cortonas, and Vinullas a place with the Circle of Valor. The 3 youths eagerly agree to the proposal. Corthen feels that they are ill-equipped for the encounters that the group might face so he offers to help them with better armor and weapons if so needed. Corthen proceeds to take them out into the city shopping. Corthen goes to the Riven Shield and buys a suit of ancient elven plate for himself and an old suit of elven plate armor for Vilnullas.

Saedellas travels to to see the armorer Hilmer. There he purchases a suit of apprentice plate mail for himself. Later Saedellas accompanies Corthen to the Old Monster Shop where he orders a live rust monster!



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