Guardians of the Past

17th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The party breaks up into smaller groups and spread out into the Dock Ward. Vilnullas, Erith, and Samira go together. Corthen, Tellazar, Nolia and Uldred are another group. Corthen’s group travels down around the docks looking for information on the missing boy. The elf asks an old man sitting outside a rundown shop if he knows about a missing boy named Wergrin. The old man mutters and gives Corthen a fearful look before telling him he should not provoke things. Corthen pursues his questions to the old netmaker. Olgrus seems upset and tells the elf to stop or he will anger the Lord of the Northern Depths. Corthen sits down beside the man and asks him about this lord.

Olgrus Machari says that Gulkalath takes those from the docks that he wishes. He finally shares that he was kidnapped himself over 30 years ago himself. He says that he was taken before the high priest and he swore to pay a tribute to their cult to keep their god sated. Olgrus says that it is said on the docks that those who fail the Lord of the Northern Depths pay in blood. Tellazar asks the whitehaired old man what he knows about Skullport. The netmaker mutters and says that it is a den of evil that lies off the coast of Waterdeep somewhere underground. The mage pushes him for more information and asks if he has heard of anyone who knows how to get there. Olgrus says he has heard many tales of Captain Nybod relating to Skullport. Tellazar asks who Nybod is. He is told that Captain Nybod is a notorious pirate captain that had great success and is rumored to have retired in the recent past in his old age.

Erith’s group has a tense encounter with a band of street toughs. They encounter the ruffians in an alley. The five young men in their teens and early twenties are gathered there, they lean on walls and sit on crates staring at the heroes from a distance. These men are dressed in studded leather and leather and two of them hold daggers which they seem to be using to jab into the surface of a nearby door.

Erith, Samira, and Vilnullas approach them, one of the youths ask “Hey, whutcha want? Huh?” Samira asks them about Wergrin and a black carriage. One of the older men replies, “Hey, we ain’t da all seeing oracle … if ya want some red leafs maybe weez can help ya.” Erith tells the youth that they do not need any Tekkil Leaf. The thugs push the bard back and threaten the trio with blades. Erith looks at the youths and says, “We have killed more dangerous kobolds than you in Undermountain.” Vilnullas pulls his sword, the Flame of the North, and the dirty thugs back away from the sword’s flames.

Erith and the others carefully exit the area leaving the thugs behind. A couple of minutes later, one of the younger teens approaches the trio alone. This youth, Garris, says he might be able to help them. Samira and Erith ask him to explain. He says, “I know something but I need some coins, man.” Erith hands the boy five gold coins. Garris tells them that on several occasions, late at night he has seen a black carriage turn off Fish Street onto Gut Alley traveling North. Erith thanks the young ruffian and they depart.

The two groups meet back at the Yawning Portal. Tellazar and Corthen strongly feel that the Cult of Gulkalath have snatched Wergrin and transported him to their temple in Halaster’s Halls. They convince the group to enter Undermountain in search of the missing boy. Tellazar suggests the party travel to the “Fountain of Thoughtfulness” to drink of the waters. He says after some sleep the group can assault the temple of the Cult.The party follows this plan and camps in the fountain chamber.



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