Guardians of the Past

6th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

The Circle of Valor gathers together with their dwarven hosts and say their goodbyes. After talking with the group, the party has convinced the newly crowned Thane Korin Ironaxe that the green elves of Laughing Hollow have no designs on the ancestral home of Clan Ironeater.

Korin pledges to meet with King Melandrach in the coming days to discuss matters of their two lands. Korin thanks the adventurers for their aid in freeing Illefarn Mountain of the evil that had taken root in the dwarf hold. He invites the party to return in the future for a visit. With simple fanfare, the party makes their exit from the tunnels of the mountain and return to the surface.

Having returned to the surface, the group returns to their base camp. The elves present thank the heroes for ending the poisoned water. They also inform the group that the King of Laughing Hollow wishes to speak to them before they depart. The group agrees to wait for King Melandrach.

At the camp, Baron Agwain apologizes to Kyrin Hawkwinter. He informs her that he had been under the influence of magic and he is sorry for putting her life into danger and for everything he put her through. He informs her that he will be submitting himself to her father for his crimes. The party members who had had originally made not so veiled threats against the noble when they first encountered him in Laughing Hollow feel low. Everyone can see the Baron is a different man and he is grieved by his actions while under the love charm.

Several hours later, the elven king arrives with a small honor guard. The noble thanks the adventurers for their success in ending the poisoning of the vale. Corthen informs the King that the party has vanquished both the orcs and the minions of the necromancer. He tells King Melandrach that the dwarves now control their halls and that their new king plans to meet with the elves of Laughing Hollow in the coming days. The green elf looks taken aback at the news of the dwarves. He informs the party that he was not aware that any dwarves had returned to the area. Erith explains that the dwarves have been very insecure about their precarious foothold and were afraid that anyone who knew of their existence might try and drive them out. The bard states that because they were honest with the dwarves and were able to aid them in ending the poisoned water and destroying the evil forces in their mountain, that their new Thane has had his eyes opened recently. He is learning that he can trust outsiders and not every non-dwarf wants their riches or their home.

King Melandrach and his people share a simple meal with the Circle of Valor before they say their goodbyes. The party along with the Baron and Kyrin mount their horses and ride west out of the vale.



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