Guardians of the Past

Having ridden without sleep for the past two days to get past the Mere of Dead Men, the adventuring group is fairly exhausted as are the mounts. The gate guards of Lielon charge each person entering a silver coin to enter the town. Corthen asks them about inns and stabling. The guardsman informs them that the Flask and Flute Lodge and the Fearless Flounder are both close by.

Corthen leads the group through the gates and finds the Flask and Flute Lodge a few blocks away. After seeing the horses to the inn’s stables, the party enters the old wooden inn and inquire about rooms. Erith speaks to the tall innkeeper with thinning ash-colored hair. He introduces himself as Javius Noll. He informs the party that rooms and meals are two gold per day and one gold for stabling of horses. He tells the party he has three rooms available. Erith pays the innkeeper for two days for the group’s stay.

Mola, a young petite blonde girl about 16 or 17 years of age, shows the party to their rooms. Corthen learns that she is the maid. Samira and Tellazar take a room on the second floor and Rehs and Erith share one next door. Mola shows Corthen and Ayremyr to their secluded third floor room. Corthen notices that she looks nervous standing outside the door. He asks her if she is all right and she tells him that she is fine but she needs to finish laundry.

After cleaning up, Corthen returns downstairs to the common room. He notices a blue and gold fish swimming in a bowl at the bar. He asks about the fish and Javius informs him that it belongs to Mola. An old man seated at the end of the bar says that the fish is named Esmerelda. Corthen asks the innkeeper about his room and its fancy and exotic furnishings including the painting of a bearded man on a ship.

Javius informs the elf that the room’s furnishings belong to Captain Nybod. He says that he has not stayed in the room for two years so he rents it out from time to time. Corthen notices that the innkeeper is giving the old man at the bar a fierce glare, but he isn’t sure why. Corthen asks Javius for directions to Urloch the Clever’s residence. Javius informs Corthen that the sage resides in a white tower on the north side of town.



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