Guardians of the Past

2nd of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

Returning to passages around the skeleton on the the throne the party finds a small dusty room. It doesn’t seem like anyone has passed through here in many years with the thick dust and mold everywhere. There are Elven runes on the walls. Saedellas reads them, “Few will mourn the passage of Jerlan the Bookless. May he be forgiven his folly.”

The adventuring group opens a room filled with stale air. They cover their faces and let fresher air enter the portal before entering. There is stone rubble on the floor and it looks like the northeast corner of the chamber has collapsed. After a very long hallway, the group comes to a room where the air is freezing. Everyone feels uneasy; they have the sense of some unseen evil. When some of the party approaches the door across the chamber, a vague man-figure appears behind Silvaris. It grabs ahold of him and begins to feed on his life energy. Silvaris’ friends leap to his aid and manage to destroy the evil wraith. Silvaris is weak but thankfully he has survived the touch of the dead spirit. Under a loose flagstone, Corthen finds a 6’ deep pit with a strongchest in it. Cortonas and Corthen remove the chest and add the spoils to the packs and sacks the group carries.

The group exits the wraith’s chamber and come to another throne room. This one is an ivory throne for a giant or some other titanic creature. Uldred manages to fall into a pit trap. It is a shaft filled with large webs and giant spiders which rush towards him. Corthen springs into action throwing a rope down and making the others lower him down. Corthen cuts the dwarf free of the entangling webs but the dwarven priest falls down the shaft to a cave below. Corthen and Cortonas climb down to the cave to assist Uldred. The rest of the party use ranged attacks from above to help kill the spiders. Cortonas finds the husk of an adventurer in the webs along with bones of two other victims. After the climbers get back up, the group searches the throne and find an inscription carved into its back that no one can read, even Tellazar.

Later the group comes to a dead end passage and there is a message written on the wall with torch soot. It says in common, “Aghairon lives.” Erith tells the others that Aghairon was a wizard of power who lived for several hundred years and that he established the rulership of the Lords of Waterdeep in 1032 DR by defeating the last cruel Warlord of Waterdeep who had attempted to kill the wizard.

the party comes to a 20’ by 50’ chamber. It is empty except for a large black battle axe that Corthen adds to the party’s loot. The heroes comes to a locked door. They open the door and go inside. The room is different than the rest of the chambers nearby. The floor is packed clay and earth. Moss and fungus grow on the floor and walls. There is a small stream cutting through the room. It is a little cold in the chamber. Corthen finds a spike driven into the ground. He digs it out and finds a verdigris bronze box beneath the spike. Inside the box are silver coins and a dagger.

The explorers come to a room dominated by worn limestone statues. There are four of them. Two of the statues have runes on them. The one on the east wall says “Cortamm of Tybor” in Thorass and the one on the south wall says “King Jerlan Hameny I.” The group decides to pull back for rest and needed healing and secures an empty room for the night.



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