Guardians of the Past

21st of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

With the peddler leading the party, the group travels west and north uphill most of the day. The countryside is rugged and wild with grasslands and scattered copses of trees. Towards evening, Dorgan leads them down a well used path into a rolling valley. Eventually as darkness falls their escort points to lanterns burning off in the distance.

The adventurers are tired and ready for some food. The tinker leads the party into the village. Passing several stone cottages surrounded by sheds and barns the curly haired man exalts. “At last! Dultann’s Beard! I am ready for a pint.” Dorgan passes into the noisy taproom filled with the scent of food and pipe smoke.

As soon as Ayremyr and Corthen step through the door the room grows quiet. Men with weathered faces look at the gathered heroes eyeing them with worried expressions. The tavernmaster steps forward and introduces himself as Paedrac Rollstone. He leads the group over to a table in the corner and asks if they are looking for a bite, a mug, or both.

Uldred speaks up and tells the tall human that they are seeking both food and drink and he places several gold coins down on the table for Paedrac. The tavernmaster calls over his plump daughter to bring these travelers some hot soup, bread, and roast lamb. He apologizes to Corthen for not carrying any wine. Corthen speaks and tells him that ale is fine.

After dinner, Rehs asks Paedrac’s daughter if the establishment has any available rooms to rent. The girl tells him that the Beard is a tavern and that there are no inns in the village. Dorgan comes over to the table with a broad-shouldered man and introduces the party to Dulith Griffonmane.

The silver haired man looks over the elves, dwarf, and humans and asks what brings them to Dultann. Corthen looks at the large man and informs him that the group left Waterdeep to aid the good people loyal to the High King. Several other locals turn and listen to the conversation. A fearful looking man steps forward and asks the party why anyone should trust any llewyrr and their outlander companions. Erith speaks up and informs the man that he is a bard studied in his craft from revered master bards in Silverymoon, Neverwinter, and Waterdeep. He goes on to tell the distrustful man that he and his companions rescued several Chauntean priests from captivity of evil priests in Aithe just days ago and were honored guests in the home of Lord Cauldyth of Aithe. This quiets the man named Tarm and he slinks away and returns to his seat.

Dulith asks Erith if he might play or sing for the taproom. The bard pulls out his harp and takes a seat near the middle of the room. He performs several jaunty songs and the spirits of the tavern rise. Corthen puts down a handful of coins on the bar and tells Paedrac that drinks are on him for the whole taproom. Soon the party has made several new friends besides Dulith. Storn and Anarsk join the heroes for more drinks at their table.

Rehs and Corthen ask the men what places might be of interest to the party since they wish to explore and fight any local evils. Storn tells them that dark robed men who serve “The One We Never Name” are rumored to travel the land spreading death and chaos. Dulith notes that Dultann is too remote to be of value to evil men in service to the Dark Druidess. He says that the party may wish to visit the haunted ruins of Darkhorn Castle, visit the unholy altar known as The Horns, or investigate the old watchtower to the south. The group absorbs the directions to each place from the locals. When Tellazar mentions setting up camp outside of the village for the night, Dulith Griffonmane tells them that they may stay in his barn where it is warm and dry. The party rouses Ayremyr from his ale soaked reverie and they sleep amongst the fragrant hay of Dulith’s barn.



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