Guardians of the Past

30th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes head to the altar room of the drow elves. They quietly move into the room. There is figure suspended by webs underneath the gigantic spider idol, it is wrapped in white linens (actually spider webs). There are two male drow guards flanking the altar. The party moves in to attack the two evil drow when a dart hits Corthen from behind. Saedellas looks around and discovers that two more drow are perched up high along the western wall on small platforms. After a short fight, the adventurers prevail and take one drow prisoner. Corthen and Saedellas try to question the prisoner but he resists any efforts to make him talk and when he does he speak it in what they assume is his native tongue. An angry Saedellas quips, “I don’t speak Drow, but I can speak with the dead.” Uldred checks the woman wrapped in spider silk and finds she is already dead from poison. Saedellas comforts Corthen when he examines the poisoned darts and informs him that they are covered with a sleeping poison.

The group retreats to one of their ‘secure’ rooms for the night taking the prisoner, the dead drow, and the deceased woman. Saedellas uses his enchanted spear to speak with the girl’s spirit and she says she saw 12 male drow and one female drow before she died. She gives her name as Kilmara Loundly.



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