Guardians of the Past

In the morning the party gathers to divide treasure from previous explorations, except for Vilnullas. When Erith asks Tellazar where the elven warrior is at, the mage replies, “He pulled a Kazlar on us.” Samira shares that the young moon elf packed up all of his belongings without saying a word and slipped off during the night. She says that he left a simple note in his room stating he was tired of the adventuring life and that he was going to travel with some new friends that he made recently to other lands. Corthen looks shocked and says nothing.

While the group is getting over the news regarding Vilnullas, Uldred steps forward. “As you know, I have a small following of dwarves that I lead in services to Gorm. Recently I have felt that I should be doing more in my service to my God. Although the time is poor, I feel that I need to spend some time with the worshippers of Gorm and help them with their faith.”

The party members are indeed shocked. No one says anything for several minutes, before Tellazar speaks up. He says, “I know I speak for the group, Uldred. We understand your need and you will be sorely missed. Should you ever crave to pick up your mace and travel into the unknown with friends, you will always be welcome.” The others chime in with agreement.

Uldred says, “My thanks! Now if I could ask one favor of my fine shieldbrothers, might we return to the mage’s underhalls one last time to bring back my sleeping brethren? I would very much like to cure them, if it is possible.” Corthen stands and gives Uldred a firm yes in answer.

The party prepares for adventuring in Undermountain. The group travels to the Yawning Portal where Uldred pays the descent fee. The party moves back toward their most recent explorations. The Spear of Lochal is used on the dead female wearing antlers. Samira asks her a series of questions and learns that her name is Faithera of Silvanus. Her companions were Rolmos, Malderian, and Minkel, and they hailed from Elversult, a city across the Dragonmere from Cormyr. Faithera says that she and her companions were killed by orcs. The party decides to remove her and her friends’ remains and have them interred in the City of the Dead.

The group returns to the Six Sleepers. Erith uses his ring to teleport the slumbering dwarves to Uldred’s suite above Felzoun’s Folly. The group says their goodbyes to Uldred. Erith then transports the dwarven priest so that he may look after the six dwarves.

The party of Corthen Nightglade, Rehs Wrenwinter Erith Talvera, Tellazar Hemzall, and Samira Asiya Bashirah are all that are left of the adventuring company. The five friends seek out new areas of the dungeon to explore and encounter some animated dead. The heroes wade into the group of skeletons and make short work of the mindless dead.

Trying a southern passage the party descends a flight of stairs but are soon driven from the room below by Magic Missiles and Heat Metal spells that are coalescing from thin air in the chamber. Somewhat battered the party decides to travel back to the Fountain of Wisdom and make camp for the night.

During the first watch, the stone door is opened and the party moves to fight off intruders. The heroes confront a group of adventurers who introduce themselves as The Company of the Green Griffon. The woman is Duranthia of Lathander; the warriors are Ergen Croft, Xirus Lole, and Folgris Blackhammer the dwarf; and their mage is Whidom of the White Wood. The Green Griffons say they have been adventuring in Undermountain since last year and have managed to destroy a number of goblins, bugbears, and a few strange beasts as well.

When the heroes introduce themselves the Green Griffons know alot about everyone present and ask about Vilnullas and Uldred. Corthen eyes them suspiciously, fearing some treachery, but Ergen explains that they befriended Uldred when they were new to the city and he spoke about his friends and gave them advice on Undermountain. Corthen informs the band that Uldred and Vilnullas have retired from the Guardians. He invites them to share the camp if they wish to help stand guard during the night. The Griffons agree and make camp as well.



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