Guardians of the Past

Corthen wishes for the group to work together today. He says he learned of some places yesterday during his search that he wishes to investigate. He wants to travel several places primarily located in the Dock Ward. Corthen suggests the group begin in late afternoon so as to blend in with most of the Fleetswake revelers.

In the afternoon the party travels to the Blue Mermaid Tavern in the Dock Ward. It is very clean and seems fairly respectable. Corthen speaks to Mother Jalyth, the proprietress. He tells her that he is wishing to buy a nice antique sextant for his collection of artifacts. The old woman tells him she will send sellers to him, if anyone has one. As the group is leaving, Silvaris complains quietly about the bad wine. Erith tells him he should try the ale next time, he swears that it is very good.

Darkness falls and Saedellas and Nolia pull out enchanted light stones to illuminate their way. On the way to the Hanged Man Tavern the heroes come upon an angry crowd gathered outside the Sleeping Serpent Tavern. The party can see a well dressed couple in the center of the disturbance. The young male is being pushed around. The young woman is crying so Corthen and his companions intervene. After breaking up the fight, A patrol of the City Watch shows up and question everyone. The young man with the torn clothing and bloody nose is Silern Sultlue, a member of the Sultlue noble family of the North Ward. The young woman is Dala Silmerhelve of the Silmerhelve noble family of the Sea Ward. The guards detain the aggressors who attacked Silern and give the party a warning not to be getting into any more street brawls. The two nobles are released by the Watch. Dala is appreciative that the group rescued them. Silern is an arrogant jerk and flips Vilnullas a silver piece as he is leaving as thanks for their aid. The young Sultlue noble almost is attacked by several members of the Circle of Valor for this action, but several of the calmer heads prevail and redirect the angry adventurers back to the search for the stolen goods.

Corthen wishes to enter the Sleeping Serpent. It is very busy. The crowd appears to be alot of sailors and dockhands. There are female table dancers; some of the dancing ladies are half-orc, and a couple appear to be half-elven. A brawl breaks out in the place and the group decides they should avoid any more trouble and leave as quickly as they can.

The group heads to the Bloody Fist Tavern. It is crowded and has no real furniture. People stand, lean on the wall, or at the bar. A beefy man grabs Vilnullas’ shoulder and tells him he should get his pretty elf faced scarred. Vilnullas prepares to take out the angry drunk. A red bearded man walks up to Silvaris and tells him the group should leave. Apparently this is a place where bullies come just to pick fights. So the group exits the dive and heads to the Thirsty Throat.

The group makes their way up Slut Street to the tavern. The Thirsty Throat Tavern is an old wooden building that looks as if it will fall down into the street. The party enters the crowded and dark taproom. The bartender, ‘Fists’, looks like a huge fat toad. Silvaris tells ‘Fists’ he is looking for a broker. After giving the bartender several gold coins, he points him to a booth occupied by a well dressed moon elf. Corthen and Tellazar approach the moon elf with black hair and violet eyes and introduce themselves. He gives his name as Tikillias. Corthen tells him he is looking for a sextant. Tikillias is sarcastic and his attitude begins to grate on Corthen’s nerves. Tellazar speaks up and tells the broker that the sextant they are looking for is a specific antique sextant. Tikillias appears to be aware they are seeking the stolen items from the Moonstar Villa. Tellazar lays out 10 gold coins onto the table. The elven broker makes the coins disappear with the quick move of his hand. He tells Tellazar to speak with Gelfuril the Trader or Kovic at Kovic’s Bazaar in the market. The mage thanks him and the group exits the Thirsty Throat. On our way back to the mansion in the North Ward, Saedellas spots movement on the rooftops that appears to follow the party for some distance. The elven priest quietly informs the group they are being shadowed. Silvaris and Cortonas try to get up on a roof to find out out who is spying on them. The two rogues get atop a rowhouse but can find no trace of their shadow. The party gets back to the residence without further trouble and turn in for the night.



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