Guardians of the Past

22nd of Alturiak 1366 Year of the Staff

After resting and regaining spells and healing their wounds the Guardians return to the Gem Pillar Room. Uldred prays to meld with the pillar. He enters the stone looking for Corthen’s ring but he returns without anything. The group searches several rooms nearby, but they are empty. Searching past the empty rooms the party finds a locked door. Rehs attempts to pick the lock but he fails in his attempt. The band forces the door open and discovers a crypt. A dark four poster canopy is located around an open stone coffin where something slithers out of the crypt. When they approach, the black tomb snake slithers away from them.

Corthen remarks that he doesn’t like the canopy and fears something might lurk above it. He plunges a sword up through the fabric; moments later tentacles lash out at the party and a frantic but short battle occurs. When the party sheathes their swords the group discovers that the creature looks like a large brain with a beak and tentacles. Inside the coffin is a human wearing a black helm and clutching a sword. The helm crumbles when Vilnullas attempts to remove it. Corthen removes the longsword from the crypt. Erith points out that there is a shaft in the ceiling above the stone coffin where the creature once lurked.

Rehs the rogue climbs up the shaft and returns with several items that radiate magical auras when checked. Erith examines a bone wand and wooden rod and he identifies the maker of the rod as Yarizin of Tempus. Tellazar uses his magic on the rod to learn its powers. He informs the party that it is a resurrection rod with nine charges of magic.

The stone coffin is moved and a storage niche holding a wooden chest is discovered. The warriors lift the chest up but it disintegrates spilling coins in all directions. A stone block falls out of the south wall and a skeleton armed with a scimitar attacks the distracted party. Corthen tries to discard the sword he picked up earlier only to discover it is cursed and he cannot cast it down! The party eventually defeats the skeleton and begins to recover the spilled coins.

Minutes later the party is attacked in a hallway off the crypt room. The party tries to dispatch the undead instead they are swinging wildly and having difficulty in the battle. Corthen is hampered by the cursed blade he is wielding. They finally defeat the unarmed undead and confirm that the skeleton is the same one they battled just a short time ago. The group then decides to search the hall for secret doors and passages. The skeleton reappears whole once again while the adventurers are examining the walls and attacks. Corthen curses the undying enemy and whatever necromancy created it. The Guardians kill the skeleton and someone suggests they exit the tomb area before the skeleton has a chance to reform and attack them again.

The adventuring party goes through several passageways and accidently steps through a waiting teleport. It whisks them away from the crypt area to a small empty room. The party searches the area nearby and discovers a room full of firewood. They recognize the chamber and reorient themselves on their map.

The group decides to make for the Fountain. On the way there they see lights moving towards them. A quiet hail greets them and calls them out by name. It is a female adventuring band known as the Huntresses. Terleeza, once a paramour of Silvaris, is the Huntress who hailed the Guardians. The Huntresses tell the group they are heading for the city after days in the depths. The band of ten female elves, half-elves, and humans depart and the Guardians set up camp in the Fountain of Knowledge chamber.



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