Guardians of the Past

17th of Kythorn 1366 Year of the Staff

The heroes arrive back at Aithe Keep. They meet with Brwynella Cauldyth who informs them that her father and sister rode north before dawn with a body of troops. She says that Zyla and Jessandra have been reunited and left the fortress earlier to purchase some new clothes in town.

Corthen informs the young Lady Cauldyth that he and his friends must depart for the island of Gwynneth. He asks her if she can recommend a ship to transport them there. Brwynella thinks for a moment and says that she does not know what boats lie in the harbor but several of the fishermen may consider the trip for the right price. Corthen changes the subject and asks Brwynella if the party may leave their sea chests down in the dungeons of the keep. She smiles and assures him that they will be safe until they return to claim them. The group gives her their thanks and goodbyes when she sees the heroes off.

At the docks, Corthen and Rehs look at the vessels in the harbor. The largest ship is loading crates aboard and the crew is preparing the ship for departure. Seeking permission to meet with the Captain, Corthen, Rehs, and Samira walk up the plank and onto the main deck. A richly dressed Calishite greets them. Corthen gives the Captain their names and informs him that he and his friends are seeking passage to Gwynneth.

Captain Muham gives them his name and asks how many passengers and Rehs tells him there are seven in their party. The Captain smiles with a gold tooth prominent in his mouth. Muham asks what port that they wish to dock at. Corthen tells him they are going to Dultann. Taken aback, Captain Muham tells him that Dultann has no port as it is some small village several days inland. Corthen is insistent, so the Captain names his price for ferrying the group. Corthen disagrees and gives a much lower offer. Giving the elf a shocked look, Muham informs Corthen that he might as well sell his wife and children into slavery to cover the ship’s expenses with such an offer. Corthen makes another offer in which the ship captain replies, “You wound me, sir!” The two men haggle a bit longer before agreeing to a price closest to Captain Muham’s asking price.

The others board the merchant vessel and are shown to the quarters below deck. The ship, ‘Catahara’ sets sail leaving Aithe and the island of Alaron behind.



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