Guardians of the Past

3rd of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

The party spent the previous day healing and Tellazar identified several magical items from the harpy cave as well as from Nybod’s treasure cave. The party is present to ask Captain Nybod’s spirit questions from the powers of the Spear of Lochal.

Corthen asks the dead pirate the command word to open the sea chest portal. He tells them it name of his last ship, Conundrum. The elf asks him the command of the wardrobe and is told it is Grindstaff. Corthen asks the Captain in what city or town does the Sea Nymph occupy. His answer is that is in Roaringshore. He asks Nybod why did the tub stop working properly as a magic portal to the sea cave. Nybod answers that he doesn’t know. The elf warrior asks if he is actually haunting the Flask and Flute Lodge. Captain Nybod tells Corthen that his spirit is trapped there since Brinnea followed him through the tub gate and murdered him in his room moments after he hid the dagger in his desk. Corthen asks his final question; he asks if Nybod will be at peace if his body is laid to rest. Nybod tells the group that he would like to be buried.

The party along with Kaylin hold a ceremony and bury Captain Nybod’s remains in a sandy dune overlooking the lagoon. Kaylin thanks the party for finding his friend’s bones and giving him a proper burial and letting him pass on to his final rest. Kaylin tells the party that since they have been so kind he will tell them his given name, Jacobin. The party says their goodbyes to Jacobin the lone occupant of the island. The group spend the majority of the day marching back across the jungle to arrive back at their log markers left behind to mark the gate. Samira speaks the command word and the portal opens and the rope ladder falls down to allow the group to climb up.

The party arrives back at the Flask and Flute. Javius is startled to see the party. He says that he had food brought to their rooms but no one answered. Corthen informs the innkeeper that they were not in the inn, but had been transported far away by the magic of Nybod’s furnishings. He informs the innkeeper that Captain is deceased and that his spirit is now at rest since the party buried him. Samira warns Javius that Nybod’s furnishings could bring dangerous creatures into the inn or transport guests away by accident. Corthen asks Javius if he would like to part with these enchanted pieces. The tall innkeeper tells the adventurers that he needs proof of the Captain’s death.

The heroes produce the Leviathan Dagger, Nybod’s cutlass, his diamond earring, and his gold key to the sea chest. Javius nods and acknowledges the items belong to the pirate. Corthen offers the innkeeper 2,200 pieces of gold for the items in the room. Javius smiles and shakes hands with the elven warrior. Corthen tells him as soon as they meet with Urloch the Clever they will take the items with them. Javius Noll pulls out his best ale and serves it for free for the rest of the evening in celebration.



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