Guardians of the Past

30th of Ches 1366 Year of the Staff

The party rests in Nybod’s room and waits for any potential attacks from the cultists. During Ayremyr’s watch, he hears the cry of gulls coming from the sea chest. The elven warrior rouses the others and they open the pirate’s chest. The bottom of the chest is gone, replaced by a glowing green gate. Through the portal the party can see a sandy beach with waves lapping the shore.

Corthen lowers the rope ladder from inside the chest’s lid and climbs down to the beach. The others follow. The group finds themselves on a tropical shore where the warmth and the thick jungle are clear indications that this gate has taken them far from Lielon and the Flask and Flute Lodge.

Corthen uses his enchanted shield to fly up and scout the area. During his flight he learns that the party is on a large island and that further down the beach are a number of outrigger canoes. Corthen returns and informs the group of the canoes further down the beach. While they are discussing exploring the canoes the portal suddenly winks out of existence. Trapped on an unknown island the party has no choice but to find out where they are.

The party looks over the nine wooden outrigger canoes. They and the paddles are fairly unremarkable. The party does discover a nearby trail that plunges into dark jungle. Corthen and Ayremyr lead the way along the footpath. The party pushes forward through the rough terrain amidst the chattering of monkeys, calls of hundreds of birds, and the rare roar of a large cat. After dark, the party finally emerges from the jungle to the far side of the island. Before them a large bonfire burns before a still lagoon. The smell of roasting boar greets them along with the rhythmic pounding of drums and a number of natives dancing to the drum.

The heroes watch the old man beat on the drum and the dancers not wishing to interrupt the ceremony they seem to be performing. Suddenly the still waters of the lagoon bubble and froth and many large tentacles grab at the dancers. Two of the dancers are drug into the waters screaming. Most of the tribal men flee in terror but three young natives remain at the shore brandishing spears trying to battle the tentacle horror.

The party rushes forward to aid the three warriors. Corthen, Ayremyr, and Samira battle with melee weapons while Erith and Rehs launch missile weapons at the flailing tentacles. Tellazar casts Magic Missiles and Chromatic Orb spells at the lurking beast. One more native succumbs to the grasping beast before it decides to flee from the blades and spells of the adventurers. The two remaining warriors speaking an unknown tongue say a few words and bow low in respect to the party before running off into the jungle after the others who had already retreated at the beginning of the fray.

The party is confused by the natives actions. Corthen questions why they fled the beach here. A voice from the darkness answers him. “They are returning to their home.” A solitary figure steps out into the moonlight. It is the old drummer. Corthen says, “You speak our language. What is your name?” The thin old man tells him, “The natives have called me Kaylin for many years, and you may call me that for now.”

The party asks the man if the natives live in the jungle. Kaylin informs the group that they came from another island on their small boats. He tells them that they had come here to hold a coming of age ceremony for their youngest fledgling warriors. Kaylin says that the chieftains believe that his drumming holds powerful magic and they usually come to the island for important ceremonies. Tellazar asks him about the creature that attacked during the dance. The old man says that its name translates to the common tongue as “The Lurker of the Shallows”. Kaylin says the crafty creature lives in the lagoon and is a gigantic octopus. He says that the monster is rarely seen and usually only attacks small groups it can overpower and eat.

Kaylin offers the heroes some of the roast boar and tropical fruits that the natives had given to him as payment for his “magical drumming”. The party feasts on exotic fruits, coconuts, and boar meat. Samira asks Kaylin about himself and how he came to be here. The old man tells her that he was shipwrecked on Moon Island 38 years ago. He says that during his sailing days the ship he was on, “Solaris”, was captured by pirates. He tells the group he was given a choice to join the pirates or die. He says for three years he lived as a pirate committing atrocities until a storm drove the Solaris far west and onto a reef one night.

Kaylin says that the shipwrecked survivors made their way ashore to Moon Island. He says that the Lurker in the Shallows and dangerous animals killed a handful of the pirates. Finally, the pirates made several outriggers to sail east. Kaylin says that he slipped away into the jungle and hid until his former shipmates sailed away. He says that he had no desire to continue his life as a pirate and would rather live on the island than murder and pillage as a pirate.

Corthen asks Kaylin if any of the pirates were named Nybod. The former sailor looks a the elf with a knowing look and tells him that Captain Nybod was not a crew member of “Solaris”. He asks Corthen how he knows of the Captain. The elf tells him that the Guardians of the Past came to the island through a magical chest belonging to him. Kaylin asks about the health of the Captain. Corthen tells him that he has been missing for two years. The old man sadly smiles and says he had feared the worst. He shares that Nybod had come to him two years ago asking Kaylin to take him to the Singing Cliffs across the lagoon. He says his friend wished to recover something he had left there during his sailing days. During the passage across the shallows the boat was struck by something powerful and Nybod was thrown into the waters. Kaylin says that Captain Nybod never surfaced and he never found a trace of him. He says that he had hoped that Nybod had returned home through one of his magical escape routes.

Erith asks Kaylin how he and Nybod became friends. The former sailor says that about 20 years ago a large ship anchored off the reef and eventually a rowboat came ashore not far from Kaylin’s hut. He says that he met the ship Captain who despite his fearsome reputation was not an evil man. Nybod and Kaylin talked and soon became close friends. Nybod offered to take Kaylin back to his home in Mintar, but the shipwrecked man told the Captain of the “Conundrum” that he belonged on the island. Kaylin tells the party that Nybod would periodically stop at Moon Island to visit his friend and bring him a few barrels of ale in exchange for fresh water and food. Kaylin informs the party that he is tired and is retiring for the night. He tells them may make camp near his hut if they wish. The group thanks Kaylin and set watches before turning in.



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