Guardians of the Past

18th of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen wakes up in his room at the Dripping Dagger with a 4 foot section of frayed hemp rope in his hand. He informs the rest of the party of this event. The group discusses if this is a result of destroying the cursed sword that he was unable to be rid of until yesterday. Saedellas goes to the shop of Hilmer, and picks up his custom suit of apprentice-made plate armor.

Now the 9 members of the Circle of Valor are ready to return to adventure and decide to head back to the Tomb in Amphail. Corthen buys everyone a riding horse as well as riding tack. They depart the city and head to the village of Amphail and the hidden tomb of the Maiden King.
Along the way, they encounter a merchant caravan traveling south to the City of Splendors and the caravan guards tell them the road ahead is clear.



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