Guardians of the Past

9th of Eleint 1365 Year of the Sword

The Guardians travel back to Waterdeep via the magical portal left by the mirror. Once settled back into the city the group meets to divide their treasure. On the street the party is approached by a beefy push cart vendor who introduces himself as Rugbert Yathsemmel. He offers them ice cold Evereskan ale which appeals to the heroes. The group enjoys their drinks and once the group reaches Corthen’s old villa house Erith informs the others that the beer merchant slipped him a note.

Erith unfolds the parchment and reads aloud. “Friends, your application to study music has been graciously accepted. Anyone who wishes to study music with a master should bring with them their harps and traveling gear and meet with Mistress Hadanna two nights hence at the South Ward’s tavern known as the Beer Golem. Please expect thy studies to last 4 months and bring coins for thy upkeep of food and wine. Sincerely Luce“

The party discusses amongst themselves the Harpers and their aims and goals. During the discussion Erith and Rehs tell the others that they are going join the organization. Soon the others decide that they will also join the secretive group. Corthen is the last member to decide and he finally chooses to undergo the training as well.

Samira does some shopping and locates several craftsmen whom she commissions to make her a holy water fount; she pays in advance and informs them she will return in several months for her finished bowl and cabinet.



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