Guardians of the Past

5th of Mirtil 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar has spent several days identifying the items the party has recovered while adventuring in Illefarn Under the Mountain. Corthen learns the longsword he recovered from the half-orc’s evil shrine is a flametongue sword. The elf claims the sword and the other items are awarded to others in the party.

Baron Agwain has a normal conversation with Nolia and informs the ranger that many days ago he had an encounter with a party of forest fairies in Laughing Hollow as he journeyed west to the Roosting Griffon Inn. The Baron claims that he angered the creatures and he remembers being struck with a small leaf full of powder. The Baron claims that he lost control of his impulses after the event and believes that he was enspelled or charmed with a love magic. He states that is why he took Kyrin from the inn during the night. Nolia shares the news with the others. The group discusses the matter. Tellazar asks Nolia if she detected any lies when the noble spoke to her. Nolia informs the adventuring party that her Ring of Truth did not detect any deception.

Erith shares with the others what he has learned from his bardic training as well as speaking to the dwarves. He says that Illefarn was a Kingdom of humans, dwarves, and elves that existed 1,000 years ago. The bard relates that each race had a king and that they worked together to aid one another. Erith says that eventually the Kingdom warred against the orcs and other evil races. After losing so many of their numbers, the remaining gold and moon elves left, sailing for Evermeet. The dwarves remained in their mountain, but decades later they fell to another orc horde and the halls here were lost for hundreds of years.

The party is ready to wage battle once again. They set out for the lair of the necromancer. The party enters the chamber with black painted walls and was lit with braziers. There is a large bed covered with furs, a desk, a wooden chest. The party searches the room and finds robes and clothing for both genders in the chest. Saedellas notices that something large and heavy used to be on the desk but is missing. Rehs brings up that Bryn, the apprentice, is a woman and perhaps the student has fled with any spelltomes from the room, since none are present. Tellazar groans at the prospect of the necromancer’s missing book not being found.

Nolia breaks down the door that Corthen spiked in haste days ago. A handful of skeletons lurch forward trying to attack the party. The group smashes the undead minions. The room beyond contains a pile of stony rubble in the middle of the floor and a gaping hole in the roof where the blue sky of the outside world can be seen. After the group searches the chamber and finds no hidden exits and nothing of value Silvaris throws a grappling line up and climbs. A few moments later he drops a wooden ladder down into the hole to allow the others to exit. The group finds themselves on the mountainside. A large tarp lies nearby, nearly the color of the surrounding stone. The group begins to surmise that they have found the entrance and exit used by Kelthas and his members. Since the ladder was removed from the sinkhole Rehs speculates that survivors may have fled the area all together, maybe with tomes and other loot of the evil group. Tellazar pales at the mention of losing the books, but Corthen looks just as ill as the mage.

The group climbs back down into the tunnels. They make their way to the lowest level and finish searching the cistern level. They find several rooms with the scattered remains of orcs and another with ogre bones and a few rusty blades. Another chamber reveals to be filled with barrels. Corthen breaks the seal on one barrel and tastes the liquid learning that the contents have turned to a vinegary tasting fluid.

The group finds a shaft that leads up. This level is occupied by the orcs. In a large chamber the group meets the large orc leader seated atop a dais. He is flanked by braziers made of human and dwarf skulls that produce a stinking smoke. Two ogres and a bodyguard of ten orc warriors guard the leader. The group fights the orcs, killing them in a bloody battle. The rogues take the wealth from his chest, while the mage divines the magic held by the dead.

Corthen leads the party through several passages until they encounter a troll guard. The warriors surround the 8’ tall menace. They slay the beast, and Corthen uses his flametongue to ensure the death is a lasting one. Uldred finds a secret door. In the room beyond is a shelf with three chalices, one of gold, copper, and silver. Corthen decides to tempt fate and snatches a chalice. Once he picks up the cup, the other two crumble to dust!

The party moves on, finding a chamber with a large population of goblins. Tellazar casts a Web spell snaring the goblins in the sticky strands. He then casts Produce Flame, putting them to death. Nolia finds a secret door nearby. The room beyond contains a shelf with treasure covering it. Vilnullas goes to remove the loot and a large stone slab drops from the ceiling smashing the warrior and pinning him to the floor. Using tools and magic the party is finally able to free the elf.

The group learns that they have cleared the halls of the remaining orcs, goblins, trolls, and ogres. They have succeeded in liberating Illefarn Mountain for Korin Ironaxe and his followers. The group returns and informs the new King of Illefarn. The dwarves are filled with joy at the news. Korin embraces his new friends and thanks them for their extremely valuable aid. He gives the group a chest full of gems and gold and gives them permission to take the mirror from the temple area for their help. The group spends the rest of the day drinking and celebrating with the dwarves.



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