Guardians of the Past

2nd of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The Circle of Valor members have finished training. They have made plans to return to their delving of Undermountain. They restock their rations and replace worn out ropes and gear. Greeting Durnan and the staff on hand the party pays the gold fees to descend down the well. The group gathers in the entry well chamber. Near the well chamber Vilnullas finds an arrow on the floor made of rat skulls pointing back the way they came. Nearby is graffiti on the stone walls that says “Zog cooks his meat” and “Delvin’s party was here” and "Lost 2 humans, reward posted.” Corthen leads the band west into the unknown.

The Circle travels through many hallways with nothing more to oppose them but a few bugs and spiders. The group finally comes into a large 40’ by 50’ room. It is finely appointed with wood panels, a plush carpet and table with chairs. There is a fireplace with a fire burning that is giving off no heat or smoke. Someone in brown robes is sitting at the table. Uldred thinks it might be a priest of Ilmater or Chauntea. Corthen hails the figure as they slowly approach. The figure stands and turns around. It is a large skeletal figure wearing black plate mail and has glowing red eyes. Everyone except Saedellas runs away in fear at the sight of the skeletal warrior in black. The figure motions to Saedellas to watch and then he displays in his hands a miniature oak tree bathed in white light. Saedellas, elven priest of Corellon, watches the figure walk through the panel to the north. When the mysterious figure leaves, the fire in the fireplace goes out.

The other members of the adventuring party eventually regain their composure from the fear that gripped them at the sight of the undead priest. They retrace their steps and meet back up with Saedellas. The elves search the area thoroughly for a secret door but it seems that this skeletal priest has literally passed right through the solid wall.

The group moves on to a room with a black stone plinth with a leather bound book on it. There is a circle with no debris around the plinth. Silvaris steps forward to check out the book and as soon as he enters the circle, the area is bathed in light and he can see runes etched on the stones surrounding the plinth. Corthen ties a rope to Silvaris and holds it while Silvaris checks out the book. Both of them disappear as soon as Silvaris gets close to the book. Hoping that the two were teleported to another location the others decide to follow suit and approach the plinth.

The plans works and the party arrives in a 60’ by 60’ room that is empty except for a backpack and bloody handprints on the one wall. 10 ghouls charge into the room. Saedellas manages to keep several of the ghouls turned until the rest are killed. Then Corthen, Vilnullas, Nolia wade in with blades while Tellazar casts spells and the rogues use their daggers and arrows to dispatch the last group of ghouls. During the fight, Vilnullas’ knee is broken. Uldred and Saedellas strip Vilnullas down to his loincloth and Tellazar uses his ring to tranport him to the city above to be healed at the plinth by a priest of Corellon. They donate 1000 gold for the healing spell and then return back via the ring again to rejoin the party.

A search of the ghoul chamber is conducted and Silvaris finds a secret door. The group cannot get the door open so Tellazar pushes on the door and since he has the Ring of Undermountain on, the door opens. Corthen finds another secret door at the end of the empty hall. The secret door is opened and a room behind the door is revealed. Inside the room is a pile of giant rat skeletons which spring to life and attack the heroes. This battle catches them off guard and everyone is battered and bloodied in the encounter. After bashing them with swords and maces and a few opportune spells the skeletal rats are vanquished. The group clears an area to make camp for the night. Uldred and Saedellas says healing prayers and help close wounds and remove pain from the group. Corthen and Erith take first watch and the others put down rolls for a night of sleep in Halaster’s realm.



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