Guardians of the Past

27th of Flamerule 1365 Year of the Sword

The heroes reunite after Samira talks to the other members who had moved from Corthen’s house. She is able to convince Uldred and Tellazar that the whole situation was a misunderstanding. The group gears up and meets at Durnan’s inn.

Desiring to take down the huge chamber in Undermountain with a ballista tower, the party returns to area. Tellazar quickly enters with a displacement spell on his self into the cavernous room where his light source seems dimmed. The smell of cold stone is heavy in the air, and a curling mist rises from the cold flagstones at his feet. The chilled air cuts into his flesh, and his warm breath makes mists in the cold air. A constant grinding sound, as if two rough stones were slowly being rubbed together can be heard. A bolt flies out, and the mage quickly responds with a fireball at the 25’ tapered bronze plated tower.

The party enters to join the mage and is suprised and surrounded by undead skeletons that have risen from floor pits concealed below the heavy fog covering floor. Vilnullas, Erith, Rehs, and Corthen battle the enemies with blades, while Uldred, Samira, and Tellazar cast damaging spells. Arrows and several ballista bolts fly from across the room from the tower looming in the darkness.

The adventuring group dispatches the undead mob that had suprised them. The party moves against the bronze plated tower. As several members close in, they see three sets of aged bronze doors covered with frost piercing the East Wall. Each door is shaped like a very large skull. Rehs tries to sneak around behind the tower. When he comes close to one set of doors a voice booms from the skull face. “Turn back, the lair of the Black Sorcerer lies ahead, nothing but death awaits.”

Tellazar uses his ring to teleport to the top of the tower and finds a band of ghouls manning the tower’s ballista. They move to attack and he uses his staff to blast them with a Fireball.

Corthen flies up to the tower to aid Tellazar while other Rehs and Erith climb the metal plated structure. A bloody eyeball appears from out of a skull door mouth. It flits about nearing party members and causing all the magic upon Tellazar’s person to glow with a sickly yellow radiance. Several party members swat at the disembodied flying eye, before it begins spitting out a series of Magic Missiles at those trying to destroy it.

The party realizing that they seem to have found another entrance into Blagazul the Black’s lair, decide to not mess with the skull doors. The party retreats from “Blagazul’s Foyer” as Corthen names it and make a camp back at the “Fountain of Thoughfulness” for eight hours to regain spells and healing.



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