Guardians of the Past

4th of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

Corthen has spent the night miffed at being denied passage past the demon door. He speculates that the room beyond is the lair of some minor mageling who has scared away others by pretending to be a demon or powerful sorcerer. He has spent the night plotting a way to breach the door quickly. He convinces the majority of the group to return this morning ready to face the magical portal.

The group prepares spells to face a mage and heads back to the frost covered door. When Corthen, Vilnullas, and Uldred are 10’ from the door, six skulls come floating out from the eye sockets of the demon-faced door and circle Vilnullas. The same raspy voice speaks from each of the six skulls in unison, “Who disturbs Blagazul the Black?” Vilnullas speaks and gives his own name. One eyeball comes out from the right eye socket flitting about like it is inspecting him. Cortonas and Tellazar back away fearing what is to come. The others stand nearly frozen, caught off guard by the eye and the floating skulls. Laughter booms from the the demon-face door and shards of bone spray forth from its mouth dealing a massive amount of damage to the party. The members of the Circle of Valor flee as fast as they can from the room. A bloody and dazed Corthen decides it would be best to not mess with the sorcerer anymore and no one disagrees.

They all bind their wounds and the priests use their healing prayers to help with the worst of the wounds. The party decides to go find another direction away from the lair of this Blagazul the Black. The heroes enter a 20′ × 50′ room with a 40’ high ceiling. The room is dusty and scattered with trash and broken glass. The room has a smell of honey. Dwarven runes are on the wall. Uldred reads them aloud to the party. “Here lies Dolbok, Thane of Tybor. He fell to the evil Fobitogg in the Year of Doom". Uldred and Corthen investigate a gray pile of rope in the room. The duo are caught off guard; it is actually a creature with tentacles and several of them grab hold of the elf and the dwarf. It becomes clear that the tentacles are burning them with acid. The creature is strong and there seems to be no end to its tentacles and they continue burning each person they catch. Cortonas and Vilnullas are also briefly entangled by this creature before the group manages to kill the thing. The party discovers it has a large haul of treasure behind and beneath its bulk. They move the dead beast and gather their spoils.

The party moves back to the north to the room where they slew a gelatinous cube the previous day and they check the west door. The door is cleared by the rogues. The area beyond the door is a 30’ by 60’ room. There is a 10’ square block pillar rising from the floor to the ceiling. There is also a human corpse in rusted chain mail armor with 3 arrows sticking out of it. A search finds a battered shield, a pouch of orange sand and a gold earring.

Down the next hall the Circle of Valor finds three dwarven skeletons that have already been looted. Nolia finds some torn and moldy pages strewn around the room. The party gathers 18 pages in total; Tellazar is interested in the pages and feels they may contain useful knowledge.

Traveling down a hall they come to a room full of water and mud. There is a waterfall in here. Corthen wants to go out and explore the area so he cajoles Saedellas to let him borrow his ring so he can walk out onto the water. The elven warrior is moving about above the mud and water when creatures composed of wet earth appear up out of the morass and attack. Saedellas throw one of his homing daggers at one creature and it tears a big hole in the creature’s torso. The mudman breaks apart and falls back to the wet mud. Cortonas, Nolia, and Erith fire arrows but they have no effect. The party destroys a few of the creatures before deciding there is nothing to be gained in the battle so they decide to retreat back to the base camp to heal up for the night.



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