Guardians of the Past

1st of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

The party is healed and ready to explore passages and rooms of the dungeon travel south. They enter a large open chamber where there is a smell of death and signs of recent battle. There are pools of sticky blood, two broken spears and a broken broad sword. There are no bodies present and no trail left by anyone to follow out of the other exits.

The party travels down a small hall with three stone doors. The west door connects to a hall. Cortonas listens to a door and can hear footsteps walking away on the other side of the door. Corthen opens the stone door and sees nothing. The room appears to be empty. The Circle of Valor hears chanting but doesn’t see anything. Suddenly Corthen, Vilnullas, Uldred, and Nolia fall to the ground unmoving. A disembodied voice in the room speaks,“Hold weapons!” A small shadowy figure drops from the ceiling. He is a black clad halfling with a scar on his cheek. His group comes out from under an invisibility spell. The two parties have previously met before. They are the Steadfast Order of Shortfellow Swashbucklers. The halflings think the Circle of Valor have been following them. They say that they set this ambush because some band has been stalking behind them for a day in the passages and chambers of Undermountain. Saedellas speaks up and assures Lyrantha Talltankard that is not the case. He tells them they have been recovering from wounds for the last two days and have only been exploring this day for several hours. Lyrantha and the others seem to accept the elven priest’s words and their illusionist removes his spell from Uldred and the others.

The two parties say their goodbyes and travel off in opposite directions. Checking a portal, Cortonas hears a low moan from behind a door to the east. He and Silvaris clear the the door. Behind the door are 16 zombies. The Circle of Valor charges into the room and put down the undead beings and move on to exploring the halls beyond.

The explorers come to a grand hall with a 40’ high ceiling. The stonework has been defaced. A human sized figure is crouched over what appears to be a strong box. Corthen hails the figure but gets no reply. The party thinks the man may be dead and approach him cautiously. It turns out to be a goblin and he is clearly deceased. Silvaris thinks the goblin set off a trap on the chest and was poisoned. Silvaris tries to pick the lock and gets pricked by a needle. Apparently the goblin got the dose of venom because the elven thief is not poisoned. Silvaris opens the strong box and finds 4 platinum coins inset with electrum and decorated with crescent moons. Tellazar tells the others that the coins are Harbor Moons, a coin minted in Waterdeep. He says that they are valuable in the city only; one Harbor Moon coin’s value is equal to 50 gold coins.

The group moves on and find a locked stone door along one passageway. Both thieves fail to turn the lock. The warriors all try to batter the door. Erith manages to break down the door after all other attempts to open it have failed. It is an eerie gigantic hall. There is something scratching around in the rubble behind stone guardians that stand three times the height of a man. There is a skeleton sitting on a throne in the room. The ceiling is so high that it is out of the range of the elves’ infravision. The statues come to life and attack the intruders.

The heroes battle the stone guardians in an intense struggle. After destroying the statues, the adventurers inspect the seated skeleton on the throne. It is a human skeleton draped in a faded cloak. In the hand of the skeleton, hidden under the cloak, is a 5’ long staff of wood. Silvaris finds a secret door along the south wall. The door is operated by a decoration on the throne.

There are piles of bone in this rough stone cavern. It is dark and has broken cobwebs on the ceiling. There is a narrow single file passage that drops slightly for every few feet you go. At the end of the passage is an open cavern with inky water covering the floor. In the center of the cavern is a stone sarcophagus protruding from the surface of the water. Saedellas loans Silvaris use of his ring allowing him to move over to the coffin walking on top of the black water. Humanoid creatures jump from under the water and claw at him. The heroes fight back and manage to kill some of the creatures. They collapse back into the water as bones.

The group retreats from the watery cave and the remaining undead creatures return back into the black lake. Corthen and the others formulate a plan to go back and fight the undead shapechangers. The plan helps the group prevail this time in battle. Inside the coffin are a heap of coins. The priests try to heal up Corthen’s wounds from the battle but they will not heal. Saedellas has to use a Heal scroll to heal the cuts to his flesh. The group decides to camp in the bedchamber room for the night in the hopes of regaining spells and getting some needed sleep.



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