Guardians of the Past

27th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Tellazar has recovered from his wounds from two days past. The party agrees to return to the Lair of Kelthas and destroy his undead and his evil minions. The party returns to stronghold, when they reach the top of the ramp, they are swarmed by a horde of skeletons. The necromancer has been busy! The Circle of Valor fight the swarm of orc, human, and dwarf skeletons. Once the fighting is finished Erith counts 24 skulls present that the party dispatched.

Rehs shows the party the stairs where he scouted and found the necromancer’s apprentice, Bryn on a level above their current level. Corthen suggests the group search the rooms of this level to eliminate any forces that could cut off their retreat first. The party moves through several chambers before encountering another band of skeletons. When the party engages them, the undead minions vanish. It turns out this group was an illusion to dissuade potential invaders. There is a set of stairs going up that Corthen thinks need to be checked out.

Silvaris and his new pupil Rehs scout the stairs and the area beyond before giving the all clear. The party moves up into a single 30′ × 30′ room. The room is furnished with a fine bed with nice linens and an attractive oak desk. Saedellas finds a letter in the desk. It is adressed to Trell. In the body the letter asks the new apprentice Trell to travel to Silverymoon and recover the staff of his former master. It is signed by Kelthas.

Corthen notices that Tellazar is flushed and seems disturbed. He tries to get a response from the young mage but he will not answer him. Tellazar screams and tears the letter from Saedellas’ hand and waves the page before his friends. He says “I know this bastard son of a whore! This tluining serpent murdered two people I cared for! Now I find he has joined this Kelthas and his nest of vermin! I’m going to kill the piece of naed, I swear by Mystra!”
Eventually Tellazar tells his friends that Trell killed his master, Ildus, and Tellazar’s love, Eriyim. Trell was another apprentice who grew so jealous of Tellazar’s skill in the magical arts that he was determined to destroy him, so he killed the two closest people to the mage that he could.

The group agrees to help Tellazar to defeat Kelthas and aid him in bringing Trell to justice as well. The group leaves Trell’s bedchamber. The group come up on an ogre that is unaware of their approach. Silvaris tries to sneak up and backstab the brute but his attack fails. Corthen and Nolia rush the ogre and they are able to bring down the humanoid.

The party ascends a flight of stairs to another level of the dungeon. At a door, Silvaris can hear a male giving a speech in common talking about destroying the invaders. The rogue informs the party. Corthen and many others believe it to be Kelthas. The heroes burst into the room and engage the enemy. One of the orcs shouts for Jorakul. The humans, orcs, and half-orcs fight back, but fall to the furious blades and arrows of the Circle of Valor.
The party searches the room, taking the wealth from the evil minions of the necromancer.

Behind the next door Vilnullas opens is Altar Room. There are gems and coins lying around the stone altar. There is blood upon its surface and there is longsword and a battleaxe as well. Uldred examines the altar and is positive that it is not a dwarven altar. Corthen cautiously pushes the weapons off of the bloodstained stone with his 10’ pole. Nothing happens. A detect magic reveals that both weapons are enchanted. Corthen picks up the sword and places into a scabbard at his belt.

The rogues move forward to scout the passage west. Rehs hears someone chanting in a strange tongue behind a door along the hall, so he retreats back to inform the party. Tellazar and Uldred plan an ambush in the hallway, although a minority suggest using a nearby chamber as an ambush site. The group extinguishes its lights and waits for the wizard and his minions to make a move. Minutes pass and nothing happens. The party begins to grow impatient waiting on each side of the doorway for someone to step out.

The necromancer outwits the heroes. He suddenly opens a door at the western end of the passageway behind Corthen, Uldred, Erith, and Nolia and blasts the adventurers with a blast of freezing ice from his staff. Everyone in the party is struck by the cold magic. Saedellas, Nolia, and Tellazar collapse. At this time the dark mage orders a clutch of skeletons into finish off the party. Uldred, Corthen, Vilnullas, Rehs, Silvaris and Baron Agwain fight for their lives. Erith pulls out his amulet and is able to turn the remaining undead. When it is clear the party will survive the undead attack, Kelthas prepares to cast a spell on the heroes. Corthen and Vilnullas manage to engage the wizard at the door and strike him down in melee before he has a chance to blast the party with his powerful magic. Corthen slams the door shut and spikes the door before any undead return. Uldred checks the three companions who are down and discovers they are dying, but not dead. The group binds their wounds while the dwarven Barakor of Gorm speaks healing prayers over them. The group is battered. Everyone is lucky to be alive and they know it. The party grabs the dead mage and the staff and retreat back to the dwarven hold of Korin Ironaxe.

The group is greeted with much admiration by the dwarves. The party can see that their dwarven allies have more respect for them having dispatched Kelthas the Dread without losing their lives. Kain, High Old One of Moradin offers to aid in the healing of the badly wounded party. The group gladly accepts the aid of Korin’s people. Tellazar tells the others that he will need the staff the wizard carried. He explains that it is the former property of Ildus, his master. Tellazar shares that he took the staff to a former pupil, Gorund Hardwand. He says that was his purpose in Silverymoon when he first met Silvaris and the rest of party at the Owl and Dagger Tavern last year. He states that Trell must have followed him to Silverymoon and took the staff from Gorund. Tellazar sighs and tells the others that he will need to return it once they return to Waterdeep. His friends agree to accompany him when the time comes. With that the party drifts off for much needed rest and pleasant dreams.



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