Guardians of the Past

21st of Flamerule 1364 Year of the Wave

In the tomb of the Maiden King the party stumbles upon a group of zombies and they win the fight but the elf warrior Corthen’s foot is broken in the battle. The party has to leave the tomb. They return to Amphail for the night. Without consulting Erith, Corthen urges the group to seek stabling at the Roaringhorn Horse Farm, but they are turned away by the servants of the Roaringhorn noble family who tell them that they only raise and sell horses. Erith tells the party since this is where he grew up, he could have saved them the trouble had he known that is where they had run off to. A hobbled Corthen buys everyone a set of horse riding gear from Dorfan’s Fine Horse Leather Shop. The group stables the horses back at the Stone Stallion.

Saedellas watches over the injured Corthen while training his pet bird. The remaining members of the Circle of Valor head to Mother Gothal’s Festhall. Silvaris seems to be infatuated with Dalara, the 8 foot tall black woman from Chult who is employed as the festhall bouncer. Tellazar says that the elven rogue always seems to have a taste for the exotic. The Chultan woman does not seem to be amused by Silvaris and he finally decides he wants to keep his bones on the inside of his body and beats a hasty retreat into the arms of a loving companion. The cost for a glass of Elverquisst is 10 gold and 1 copper coin per cup of mead. After a few drinks the subject of dwarven births arises and Uldred tells Silvaris, Vinullas, Tellazar, and Cortonas “Dwarves aren’t born. They just pop up from the ground like groundhogs.”



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