Guardians of the Past

12th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

In the morning, there is a hubbub in the North Ward down the street from the Maiden’s Tears Tavern. The heroes notice that the city watch has a street blocked off. Silvaris, Erith, Uldred, and Nolia go and investigate. They observe as the city watch carries three rotting and mutilated human bodies from the nearby sewer entrance. One of the bodies is missing both hands and another had the skin and tissue removed from his face.

In speaking with the others, Cortonas reveals that the Jester was wearing a bloody skin on his face like a mask. The adventurers realize that the bodies found today are likely victims of the murderous and insane Dead Jester. The group agrees they must track him down and neutralize him before he kills more people.

The whole group discusses the offer from Lord Eremoes Hawkwinter asking the party to accompany him or one of his agents to the High Forest or Evereska and help him sell his battle and mage trained war horses to the elven leaders of the two elven lands. In a narrow vote the group decides to decline his offer. The group all travels together to the Hawkwinter estate to turn down his offer. Lord Eremoes is not present, so Corthen informs Kyrin Hawkwinter that they will be declining his offer of employment.



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