Guardians of the Past

20th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

After several days of rest and allowing the mage to study and identify the magical weapons and other items including the drums recovered from the Underhalls the group heads back into Undermountain. Searching the hallways the heroes encounter two men in studded leather armor with torches. They speak to the party and give their names as Delphar and Zaras.

The group searches to the south of the halls and stumbles through a teleport gate at the end of one of the short branching halls. Nolia determines their direction and begins marking hallways with a circle V to distinguish which halls they have been down.

The group continues exploring and comes to a wooden door that looks as if it had been broken down and reinforced with cross beams and old shields. The room beyond the door has a 15 foot high ceiling, stone floor and a 15 foot tapestry at the end of the room. Silvaris checks the chamber for traps and finds none. He does discover that behind the tapestry is a huge metal mirror. Saedellas asks Corellon for aid using a sixth sense prayer and get the impression of death if those present look at it. The group uses caution and decides not to try and learn the secrets of the mirror. Silvaris writes “This way leads to death” on the wall of the room with an arrow pointing to the covered mirror.

The group moves down the hall and Corthen catches a glimpse of the Jester trailing behind the party and gives chase. The other party members run after both of them listening for sounds of their boots on stone. They find Corthen standing at a T-intersection looking in both directions. He motions the group to follow him down the south passage. The group comes to a barred porticullis blocking the way forward. Someone or something has bent apart a few bars that would allow someone to squeeze through. On the other side of gate is a mummified hand lying on the ground. Beyond the hand Silvaris can make out a darkened chamber with a stone coffin with some kind of an inscription on the bottom. Corthen tries to enter the room through the breach in the bars and the hand attacks him. The fingers claw his face trying to gouge out his eyes. Several of his closest friends leap to his aid and dispatch the hand with minimal effort.

Corthen is the first member into the room and as other party members enter the chime sounds inside the funeral chamber. Saedellas remain outside in the hallway and he nocks an arrow. Corthen and Uldred approach the stone sarcophagus when suddenly the Jester surprises them from the shadows and stabs Nolia in the leg. Once Corthen and Nolia have struck him with their blades the Jester turns to Silvaris for protection grabbing him in a hug like a frightened child to his mother. Silvaris does not give the dead fool succor, but instead attacks the Jester also. The Circle of Valor wails on the undead creature even after he falls to the floor unmoving. Saedellas, Corthen, and Tellazar tell the others that they must separate the parts and burn them all to ash and bits of bone. Tellazar distributes flame oil and the group sets fire to the broken pieces of the jester. The group picks up his golden mask and they place his ashes into four separate bags that are distributed among the party and the group immediately leaves the dungeon and the city and begins to travel to Amphail and the Tomb of the Maiden King.



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