Guardians of the Past

5th of Nightal 1364 Year of the Wave

The Circle of Valor returns to the entry well. Vilnullas bangs the shields and the rope is lowered from the Yawning Portal. Uldred pays Durnan the gold coins for lifting the party out of Undermountain. The party has returned from a successful seven day foray in Undermountain and are hungry for fresh food; they order a huge breakfast. Gnossos Valmar, a gnome that walks with a cane, enters the tap room. Gnossos held the coins that were wagered by Corthen and Julas the moneylender. The heroes show their map to Durnan and a few older veteran explorers who verify that the areas the party mapped and are now describing are accurate. Gnossos verfies the results and gives the party the winnings. Corthen suddenly decides that perhaps the party should give the coins back to Julas, but Saedellas and Silvaris are opposed, thinking it could make the party a target as easy marks more than enhancing their reputation, so Corthen relents.

Corthen and Cortonas try and get information from a few of the veteran adventurers who have traveled the Underhalls but they learn that most experienced adventurers don’t usually brag about their experiences because things can change in Undermountain, sometimes in just a few months. Lavro, one of the grizzled old men explains to Corthen that what was a kobold lair can later become the domain of an eye tyrant. Corthen asks if Lavro can tell him about any areas that the Circle of Valor might see unchanged on the first level of the dungeon are. Lavro, Enek, and Durnan mention places in Halaster’s dungeon known as ‘The Grim Statue’, ‘The Hall of the Sleeping Kings’ and ‘The Falling Stair’.



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