Guardians of the Past

9th of Ches 1365 Year of the Sword (Part II)

A contingent of armed elves dressed in the livery of Evereska stand outside the Elfstone Tavern. One gold elf with jet black hair steps forward and motions to the two carriages to take you to your destination. The members of the Circle of Valor climb inside the carriages and depart the Elfstone Tavern. Their conveyance quickly takes them to the Sea Ward and the Evereskan Embassy. The carriages stop outside the grand edifice of white marble.
The heroes are escorted into the embassy. A smiling moon elf female asks them to follow her. She leads the adventurers through several antechambers where elven servants hurry past them, several clusters of guardsmen stand watch in different chambers (Including a glimpse of Pelordan) and scribes sit scribbling upon parchment. The elven woman leads them up a broad staircase and then down a long hall decorated in elven sculpture and paintings before knocking upon a set of double doors near the end of the hall.

A door opens and the moon elf woman motions for the party to enter. Seated inside the large room on comfortable couches Saedellas and the others see a group of moon elves and a scarred and grizzled gray haired human male who smiles at the young adventurers. Standing nearby in front of the fireplace is a centaur female with long blonde tresses. She raises an eyebrow at their entrance into the quiet room.

One of the female moon elves of great beauty with platinum hair and purple eyes stands before the group and speaks in common. “Well met, Circle of Valor. May a star shine on the hour of our meeting. I am Shilera Mooncloak, Ambassador of Evereska to the City of Waterdeep. You are welcome here in the house of my people.”

“May I introduce you to my honored guests from the High Forest. This is Plarra, Speaker for the Huldarrak, Nightbranch, Red Arrows, and Xamm centaur tribes", she gestures to the centaur. She approaches the human man. He is aged but fit. His gray hair is long and his eyes are piercing dark blue. He is dressed in simple leathers and woolen clothing. “This is the ranger Gamagor of the North, Defender of Uldree, New Oak, and Free Meadow.” Nolia, Erith, Tellazar have heard stories of Gamagor, he is a legendary ranger spoken of in the North. He is said to be able to track anything anywhere and survive impossible situations. Nolia has even seen him twice in her village when she was younger.

Ambassador Mooncloak motions to a male moon elf with dark blue-black hair that he wears in a braid.“This is Rolthan Hightree, Leader of Greenhold in the High Forest.” She then steps over to a female moon elf with black hair and silver eyes dressed in green robes. “This is Asharea Blackthorn, adept of the arts.” She motions to the remaining moon elves. “You already have met young Maith Slenderbow and her family. They have returned here today to give proper thanks to you for your compassion to their family.”

“But first let us join in celebration and friendship. Let us retire to the dining hall where we may share words over dinner.” The entire group is escorted in an elegant dining hall. Servants seat the guests and then begin serving the meal. The staff pours evermead into the fluted crystal glasses and bring out the 1st course – A mushroom and herb soup. The group talks and share pleasantries and a few laughs. The servants serve the 2nd course – A wild leaf lettuce salad with grape leaves, raisins, chives, and sweet-root. Finally the 3rd course – Baked fish, rice with carrots, and elven bread is brought to the dinner guests.

After talking and at the conclusion of the meal and evermead, the Ambassador escorts everyone back into the lounge and the comfortable couches that surround the fireplace. After everyone is seated, Tramlar Slenderbow, the bowyer speaks.

“I can never truly repay the heroes who risked their lives to save our precious daughter, Maith. She is our lives and I would have gladly given my own life had I known she was prisoner to those black-hearted enemies of our people. I can only offer you these small gifts as a small repayment for your kindness. May your arrows always fly true!”

The bowyer walks over to a covered table and pulls aside a cloth. Lying on the tabletop are beautiful elven crafted weapons. Bows of Ash and honey colored leather quivers of arrows lie before the party.

“These are for you, my friends. They were made by my daughter, wife, and I. My cousin placed several enchantments upon them, including the ability to make them glow with faerie’s fire when the word “duvae” is spoken by the owner."

The members of Circle of Valor thank the bowyer for the gifts. Corthen, Erith, Vilnullas, and Saedellas were gifted with enchanted elven longbows and a quiver of elven arrows. Cortonas, Nolia, Silvaris, and Uldred were gifted with enchanted elven shortbows and a quiver of elven arrows. Tellazar was gifted with an enchanted ash staff.

Rolthan approaches the party and lets them know he wishes to speak with them. He shares that he and the others have traveled to Waterdeep to thank the heroes but also to meet with Lord Piergeiron. He states that the Elves of Western High Forest have come to begin discussions of an alliance with Waterdeep and the other members of the the Lords Alliance. The proposed government of elves, humans, and centaurs would be ruled by a council of twelve. The area they are trying establish will be known as the Ellar Protectorate. They are in need of diplomats known as emissaries for the Protectorate to help their fledgling land navigate a path to peace and prosperity.

Rolthan Hightree asks Nolia if she would like to help the people she grew up with from the High Forest. He says that to the council members she is a logical choice to aid their cause. She is half human – half elf. She understands both cultures. She is also a ranger who cares about nature and the High Forest. Finally, she is a native of the High Forest and is living in Waterdeep. Rolthan explains that the position is an Emissary of the Ellar Protectorate to Waterdeep. She would serve under new Ambassador Asharea Blackthorn in the city.

Asharea asks Nolia if she is willing to take on the responsiblity. She explains that it would likely take up much of her free time. Nolia takes a few minutes to consider the offer before finally making the announcement to everyone that she would like to do whatever she can to aid the people of the High Forest. The Councilors are happy and glasses of fine elven wine are poured in celebration. Nolia’s friends all congratulate the half-elf on the honor bestowed by the assembled leaders.



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