Guardians of the Past

21st of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

The Circle of Valor sets out shortly after dawn. Nolia resumes the lead, checking the trail left by the riders they believe to be Baron Agwain and his men at arms. The tracks head southeast closer to the River Delimbiyr. The group can see mountains in the distance to the north. The trail starts getting steeper and Nolia assures her friends that they have gained an hour on their quarry when she checks the tracks at Highsun. In the late afternoon, the party is headed up a steep incline covered with large trees interspersed by exposed bedrock and boulders. Suddenly the party is suprised by a volley of arrow fire that rains down around Corthen and Nolia. A man rises up from cover behind some huge granite slabs and tells the adventurers to turn back and that the Baron and his lady wish to be left alone.

Corthen shouts back to the Baron and his men to surrender or they will pay for kidnapping a noblewoman. The response is a volley of arrows from the high ground. Tellazar and Saedellas decide to charge the archers and ride their warhorses into covered staked pits dug into the trail. The mage and feywarden are thrown from their injured mounts and crawl for cover from the flying arrows. The others dismount and charge up the hill on foot. The party engage six of Baron Agwain’s men in melee. They fight bravely and to the death, never asking for quarter. Nolia discovers horse tracks further up the trail and she informs the others that only half of the horses were carrying riders. Corthen realizes that the Baron has taken the horses of the men he left behind to speed his withdrawl back to Secomber. The men left behind have slowed the party up as he planned. The party is forced to heal themselves and free the horses and heal their injuries from the staked pits.

Corthen and Saedellas strongly urge the party to renew pursuit of the Baron. They say time is of the essence if they have hope of rescuing Kyrin Hawkwinter. The party rides hard for the next five hours up the hilly terrain. At twilight, Silvaris and Nolia hear faint shouts off in the overgrowth. The adventurers dismount and Nolia scouts ahead looking for signs of passage.

Nolia leads the party along a fresh trail, following a small group of booted prints left behind. The party draws bows and blades. The tracks lead Nolia into a half-open clearing where the Circle of Valor meet two battling parties in the overgrown ruins. Six armed guards dressed in blue and green livery with swords and crossbows have surrounded an exhausted looking man who has climbed up a broken pillar and is now trying to fend off their bolts.

Corthen demands to know what is going on and is told to turn around and leave if he wished to draw breath longer. The elven warrior’s reply is to draw steel and for them to try and make him leave. The six armed men move against the heroes and a bloody battle erupts between them. Once the last guard falls, Silvaris and Corthen approach the human who had been outnumbered. He thanks the party for saving him. He gives his name as Rehs Wrenwater, a toymaker. Corthen asks the toymaker why he was being hunted down by the men. Rehs admits that he had an encounter in Waterdeep with a wealthy man that ended badly. Erith examines the dead and remarks that their tunics carry a serpent heraldry that he thinks is either of the Noble House of Sultlue or Zun. The priests use their holy prayers to heal some of Reh’s and the party’s wounds the best they can. Nolia, Vilnullas, and Erith gather the horses and begin a fire for the night.



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