Guardians of the Past

22nd of Eleasias 1365 Year of the Sword

After resting for the night, the party communicates with the unicorn. His name is Varro. He tells them that he was ambushed by arrows several days ago. He explains that he never saw the attackers; he was able teleport away to safety but grew weaker from blood loss. He thanks the party for their assistance and promises to lead them to the area where he was ambushed.

Varro leads the party to a spot in the forest where he was attacked. Several broken arrows found in the area appear to be orc-made. The group leaves the unicorn and follows a trail made by the orcs. Rehs and Vilnullas track the orcs through the rough wooded terrain. The party pushes on into darkness, eventually finding the orc base atop a ridge.

The shattered and bare hilltop has been hacked and burned. A huge wooden covered stockade sits in the clearing. Several cooking fires burn and the drying skins of many animals can be seen in the camp. The party locates the corpse of a gnome amongst a bone pile. Using the Spear of Lochal, they commune with the dead gnome who relates that his people were attacked by at least 30 to 40 orcs. He fell defending his people from the orc attack.

Rehs uses his potion of gaseous form to enter the stockade to scout the enemy. He learns that in addition to the orcs there are at least three giants who are eating and drinking inside. The rogue returns and once he is returned to flesh he relates news of giants in addition to the orcs. The party tries to decide if they wish to assault the stockade or if they wish to draw their enemy out into an ambush.

The ambush is chosen. Uldred lobs a fireball into the open door of the giant’s fort from his helm. Many orcs are slain in the fiery attack; the giants are merely singed and angry, they charge outside to the waiting spells, arrows, and blades of the party. Despite the ambush, the five giants do manage to do harm back with their great strength and huge clubs. Several of the warriors are battered and nearly unconscious when the battle is finally won.



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