Guardians of the Past

14th of Tarsakh 1365 Year of the Sword

Corthen travels to Neereena’s apartment near the Elfstone Tavern to check on her to make sure she is ok. She is all right and she is glad that he came to see her. Silvaris climbs to the top of a collapsed building near the City of the Dead to check for survivors. He finds the body of an eldery woman and starts digging it out when the rubble shifts and collapses on him. Saedellas climbs up and manages to rescue Silvaris from the stone and wood that had covered him. Together the two elves resume digging in the remains of the home and find another body. Saedellas cast Speak with Dead and finds out that the couple lived alone and they have passed on to the afterlife together.

In the morning Tellazar travels to the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors to research a magical staff that the party recently found in Undermountain that he cannot identify. Gherzoth Felryth and Seronia Wands examine the staff and inform Tellazar that the staff was damaged by fire and whatever powers that were once contained in the wood no longer function despite it containing an aura of magic. Tellazar also inquires about what would cause the quake. He wonders if a poweful wizard has unleased an Earthquake spell on the city. Mhair Szeltune, the Lady Master of the Guild, assures him that it was almost certainly a natural event.

Corthen takes the group to the Hawkwinter Villa to check on Lord Hawkwinter and his family. Eremoes Hawkwinter thanks them for their concern and lets them know that they are unharmed.
Afterwards, the group gathers at Felzounā€™s Folly for several rounds of ale.

During the night, there is another aftershock that hits the City of Splendors.



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