Guardians of the Past

Nolia receives a written message at the mansion from Durnan to gather everyone and come to the Yawning Portal. When the adventuring group arrives, Durnan takes them into a private dining room where four black robed figures wearing masks stand waiting. They are the Lords of Waterdeep. They tell us that three days ago the body of their fallen comrade, Whitlowe Stonecloak, was stolen from his final resting place in the City of the Dead. The Lords describe what the City Watch observed. The Party surmises that it was the Jester. Corthen tells the four Lords of Waterdeep the story of the Jester and how they accidently freed him from the Tomb of the Maiden King.

One of the Lords speaks,“In the past week, three women have disappeared from the city near the City of the Dead. We believe the tomb robber and the women are linked. We are uncertain but there is a chance your Jester has kidnapped others. He may have been the figure seen taking the young elf girl from Maerghoun’s Inn last year.” Erith speaks up and tells everyone present that he thinks they are speaking of Maith, whom they rescued from the drow. The Four Hidden Lords want the party to find the missing women and deal with their Jester problem if he is ever found. The party agrees to accept this task given to them by the rulers of the city. The group leaves to prepare for an expedition in Undermountain.

As the group is donning armor and packing their gear, a fishmonger arrives at Silvaris’ door with a list of the names of the missing women. They are Kimara Loundly, Soreena Vassmark and Yilla Shipley. The group walks to the Yawning Portal and requests passage down into Undermountain. Once down and exploring passages west the group encounters several of what they think are ogres. Nolia shows superb skill with her blades against the creatures and she dispatches a large number of the ogres. The others begin to affectionately call her the ‘Cutthroat of Undermountain’.

The group comes to a room that smells of perfume and there is writing on the wall in charcoal. It says, “Besall, meet us in the room of skulls. We have uncovered the way through the gate.” The party is pretty battered from their encounter with the large ogres so they camp in this room for the night.



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