Guardians of the Past

13th of Elient 1364 Year of the Wave

The group makes plans to lay an ambush for the Jester in the sewer later in the evening. When Corthen goes back to the Halls of Hilmer to pick up his repaired breastplate hears from gossip on the street that hours ago the city watch was pursuing a man dressed as a fool. The rumor told is that the fool dove into the well at the Yawning Portal.

Corthen returns to the manor house and informs the party that the Jester has escaped the watch and is in Undermountain. The group arms themselves and prepares for a descent into the labyrinth of Halaster’s Halls. Upon arriving at the Yawning Portal, Corthen asks Durnan privately about the incident with the man who jumped into the well. In the conversation that they have, Corthen feels that the innkeeper has guessed that the Circle of Valor is somehow connected to the Jester. Corthen decides to tell Durnan everything about the Jester and he informs him that they are are going to track him down and remove him as a threat to the people of the city.

The group descends the rope into Undermountain and begin looking for signs of the Jester. As they are searching the underhalls, they find a human skeleton with a riven brass shield and the remains of leather armor and a visored helm laying on the floor. Corthen picks up the helm and a stirge flies out. Several swords slash the air and the flying creature is dispatched before it drinks much blood. Tellazar shares that “Nimwraith” is written on the shield in Thorass. Cortonas finds a smooth polished tube with a map and a scroll of 2 cure light wounds prayers are given to Uldred.

In a chamber next door the group finds a huge room with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling to the floor and stony rubble on the floor. The warriors burn the webs. The rubble appears to be broken statues.

Down the hall the adventurers come to another room and Uldred approaches a flat spot on the wall and is teleported away. Tellazar walks to the wall and is teleported away so that he may join Uldred. Upon joining the dwarven priest, Tellazar teleports both of them back to the party using the Ring of Undermountain.

The group travels through several rooms that contain nothing of great interest. In the first room is a rusty iron spike driven in the floor and a silvery coiled hemp rope attached to it.
Another room stinks of rotting meat. The party finds a red sack in the middle of the floor full of old apples.

The heroes come to another room with 2 columns supporting the arched ceiling where 4 orcs are talking about trying to find the fat merchant who pays for guards. A short fight ensues between the orcs and the Circle of Valor. The orcs are not prepared for the adventurers and they are soon killed in armed combat.

The party is heading south down a hallway when a strange creature with 3 arms and 3 legs steps out of the stone wall and starts pointing at Corthen and Vilnullas. The creature pantomimes pointing to their coin purses and to its mouth on the top of its head. Realizing that it wants to be fed coins Corthen decides to try attacking the monster. The elf fails and it disappears back into the solid stone wall only to come up from underneath Corthen and bite his legs. After its retaliatory strike the strange creature stops attacking the elf and points again demanding precious metal. A wounded Corthen realizing that this creature is more powerful that he had assumed wisely decides to give it two big handfuls of gold coins that the creature swallows and before it vanishes back into the stonework and is gone.

Down another hallway, Nolia and Uldred are attacked by a gelatinous cube. Both of them are paralyzed by the monster and it begins to envelop them with its bulk. The remaining members cast spells and engage the thing, dispatching it with some effort. After rescuing the half-elf and the dwarf from the cube the group resumes its search for the Jester.

The party finds a storeroom with wicker baskets and pottery jugs that have a fishy smell.
The heroes enter a huge room with a dark stone statue of a muscular torso with arms outstretched to doorways on opposite sides of the room. The head and several fingers have been broken off. There is an electrical discharge smell in the room. As the group begins to search around the room for tresure and secret doors, bolts of electricity shoot forth from the hands and several party members are badly injured. The injured adventurers retreat back to the storeroom of pottery jugs. Uldred and Saedellas exhaust all of their healing prayers in an effort to aid everyone wounded by the lightning. The group has a peaceful, but a little cramped night, resting in the storeroom.



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