Guardians of the Past

11th of Tarsakh 1366 Year of the Staff

In the morning the Guardians of the Past say goodbye to Nolia Fallas, former member of their adventuring group and set out on the road for Waterdeep. In the evening as the party makes camp near a large caravan; several of the merchants come over to their fire to try and sell their goods to them. A wine merchant named Darvos Jungeer asks where they are heading. Ayremyr tells him the group is returning to Waterdeep.

Darvos comments that the city has seen some troubles in the last two weeks with all the attacks at night and with some demigod loose beneath the city with his horde of undead minions killing anyone entering the tunnels below.

A concerned Corthen questions the wine merchant but Davros cannot answer the elf warrior’s questions telling him that he heard of Waterdeep’s troubles three days ago in Lielon from a ship captain who had just come north from the city.

The group discusses the rumors and decides to move with some haste back to the city and decide to speak to Lord Piergeiron to find out what is going on upon their return.



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