Hello and welcome to the Home Page for the Guardians of the Past adventuring group. The game is a monthly event and is set in the Forgotten Realms. We play 2nd Edition D&D with a few house rules added to our game.

Currently the active characters in the game are:

Ayremyr Windywood – A moon elf warrior from Evereska

Rehs Wrenwinter – A human rogue from High Dale

Samira Asiya Bashirah – A human priestess of Mystra from Calimshan

Tellazar Hemzall – A human mage from Waterdeep

Corthen Nighglade – A moon elf warrior from Elven Court

Erith Talvera – A human bard from Amphail

Guardians of the Past

Waterdeep Samira ErithTalvera Fennec Corthen_Nightglade Tellazar Rehs_Wrenwater